California Joins The “RV Friendly” Sign Initiative

The RVIA recently reported that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed legislation adopting the popular “RV Friendly” highway sign logo for use in the state's commercial logo program for gas, food and lodging businesses.

California is the twelfth state to join the “RV Friendly” sign initiative, joining Minnesota, Iowa, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Michigan, Oregon, Louisiana, Tennessee, Washington, Florida and Texas. State RV groups and enthusiasts have been successful in implementing the program both through legislation and by working with their state transportation departments.

“California is one of the most popular destinations for RVers and the second biggest producer and seller of RVs in the country,” said RVIA President Richard Coon. “We’re happy that the country’s most populous state is now even more ‘RV Friendly’.”

The “RV Friendly” sign is a round, yellow reflector sign with “RV” featured prominently in the center. Gas, restaurant, camping and lodging businesses who purchase highway exit logo signs are the targeted buyers of the sign.

Adding the “RV Friendly” symbol to their existing highway service signs allows businesses to tell RV travelers that their gas, food, lodging or camping facility can easily accommodate RVs, including both motorhomes and towable units.

Source and Photo Credit: RVIA
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