Jan 27, 2009

Quartzsite, Arizona Attracts RVers From Across The Nation

Examiner.com features a story on Quartzsite, Arizona, a destination considered the "Meeting Place" for RVers from all over the United States and Canada.

According to the story, what brings RVers to Quartzsite is a mix of shows and events featuring everything from classic cars to crafts.

Many RVers also participate in the shows as vendors, towing their goods as they travel. Low prices for RV parking are big draw as well.

While the local RV parks sometimes lack the fancier features of other sites, Boondocking RVers and bargain seekers use the cheaper rates to lengthen their vacations.

Source: Examiner.com
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Jan 26, 2009

Las Vegas Campground Offers Airstream Trailer Rental

Photo Credit: Steve Marcus

Need a place to stay in Las Vegas where you can be close to the action? How about an Airstream trailer near the Las Vegas Strip?

The Las Vegas Sun reports on a new Airstream trailer park alongside the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

According to the story, Airstream delivered ten of its famous shiny and aerodynamic 25 foot trailers to a KOA campground for rentals. The trailers rent for $45 a night through February.

You can’t drive off the campground with these particular trailers, but Airstream hopes trailer renters will love their stay so much they will buy one of their own.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

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Jan 23, 2009

Coleman Camping Trailers Adds Three Different Floorplans To The Destiny Series Westlake

Coleman Camping Trailers has added three different floorplans to the popular Destiny Series Westlake.

According to Coleman Camping Trailers, in addition to the original floorplan that includes a bathroom with a shower and a cassette potti, customers can also select a floorplan with a cassette potti only; or a floorplan that has no bathroom accommodations but instead features a large storage cabinet conveniently located inside the entry door.

When fully deployed, the Westlake offers nearly 25 feet of living space. Two king- size beds, a large dinette with wrap-around seating area, and a tip-out galley that increases floor space and makes the Westlake especially suitable for large families.

Like all Coleman Camping Trailers, the Westlake features mildew resistant and breathable Sunbrella 302 tenting, stainless steel lift posts, electric brakes, light weight automotive-style construction, and durable Krystal Kote paint on the exterior panels to ensure long life and ease of maintenance.

Source: Coleman Camping Trailers 

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Jan 20, 2009

HeatMate 5200 Portable Alcohol Heater Doubles as a Stove

The Contoure International homepage features the HeatMate 5200 Portable Alcohol Heater that doubles as a stove.

When a heater or stove fails, life on a boat, RV or anywhere else can get mighty uncomfortable. When the lid of the compact and efficient heater is removed, HeatMate transforms into a cook top that is capable of boiling a quart of water in just nine minutes.

The HeatMate non-pressurized canister system contains a nonflammable wick material that absorbs approximately 1-1/4 qts. of environmentally-friendly alcohol fuel. Even if turned completely upside down, its unique design prevents fuel from leaking. Extremely reliable, the HeatMate canister system eliminates the messy hoses and valves of pressurized systems, as well as the tiresome pumping, priming and pre-heating. Alcohol fuel is easily extinguished with water.

Source and Photo Credit: Contoure International
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Jan 19, 2009

Former Employees Of RV Manufacturer Start Their Own Company

Former employees of a defunct RV maker are turning the rough economy into an opportunity to start their own company.

WSBT.com reports that a group of workers from an RV manufacturer that closed in August, are planning a new company to build new eco-friendly travel trailers.

According to the story, the recently purchased home of the new company is a 146,000 square feet state of the art complex formerly owned by Coachmen.

The new trailers will be built from a new materials that are lightweight, formaldehyde free, and mildew resistant.

Source: WSTB.com
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Jan 16, 2009

The Perfect10RV Contest Seeks To Find The Best RV

The homepage for Silver Palms RV Village features details on the "Perfect10RV Contest".

The contest will allow contest registrants to post images of their rigs online and vote to determine who has the best RV. The winners will each receive a brand new GPS package: perfect for their newly famous RV.

According to Silver Palms RV Village, in order to vote for their favorite RV, contestants must sign up and register for the Perfect10RV contest. Once they are signed up and registered, members can upload their pictures and vote for their favorite RV's in three categories: Class A Motor Homes, Fifth Wheels, and Travel Trailers.

The contest will begin in January 2009 and run through May 15, 2009. Contestants will be allowed to vote one time, per picture, for each class. The contest will have three winners: the RV image receiving the highest vote average in each class.

Source: Silver Palms RV Village
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Jan 15, 2009

California Joins The “RV Friendly” Sign Initiative

The RVIA recently reported that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed legislation adopting the popular “RV Friendly” highway sign logo for use in the state's commercial logo program for gas, food and lodging businesses.

California is the twelfth state to join the “RV Friendly” sign initiative, joining Minnesota, Iowa, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Michigan, Oregon, Louisiana, Tennessee, Washington, Florida and Texas. State RV groups and enthusiasts have been successful in implementing the program both through legislation and by working with their state transportation departments.

“California is one of the most popular destinations for RVers and the second biggest producer and seller of RVs in the country,” said RVIA President Richard Coon. “We’re happy that the country’s most populous state is now even more ‘RV Friendly’.”

The “RV Friendly” sign is a round, yellow reflector sign with “RV” featured prominently in the center. Gas, restaurant, camping and lodging businesses who purchase highway exit logo signs are the targeted buyers of the sign.

Adding the “RV Friendly” symbol to their existing highway service signs allows businesses to tell RV travelers that their gas, food, lodging or camping facility can easily accommodate RVs, including both motorhomes and towable units.

Source and Photo Credit: RVIA
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Jan 14, 2009

New Arizona Law Affects RV Park Charges For Electricity

The Yuma Sun reports on a new law (A.R.S. 33-2107) signed by the Governor of Arizona regarding what RV parks can charge for electricity.

According to the story, RV parks must now charge RVers the same rate that is charged to a “single family residential rate” by Arizona Public Service.

The law also contains other statues regarding leases, rental rules and other utilities you may be charged for.

Source: YumaSun.com
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Jan 13, 2009

New RV Trailers Offer Easy Towing With Efficient Living Space

It’s going to take more than a tough economy to make RVers stay home.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, smaller, towable RVs are gaining favor with buyers. RV manufacturers are responding by offering lighter models that can be towed by fuel-efficient vehicles.

Traveling in a smaller RV requires some adaptation. With less living space available, RVers must be choosy about what they bring along. RV manufacturers make the best use of small spaces by designing their units with optimal placement of cabinets and storage.

Photo Credit: Holiday Rambler

One of the RV models mentioned in the Chronicle story is the The Campmaster by Holiday Rambler.

Photo Credit: Holiday Rambler
Available in four floor plans, The Campmaster includes a dinette, a spacious bed, while still offering ample room for camping or fishing gear.

Photo Credit: Holiday Rambler

Source: San Francisco Chronicle and Holiday Rambler

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Jan 12, 2009

WiFi Access For RVs Grows In 2008

While 2008 was a tough year for the RV industry, that did not slow down the growth of wireless web access for RVers.

According to WiFiRV, sales of their Internet access service for RVers continue to rise, even in a down economy.

2008 was a banner season for WiFiRV," said John Borg II, CEO and founder of WiFiRV. "Now more than ever, RV and campground owners need to stay connected to the world. Our goal is to provide the best, fastest, most reliable Internet service to as many of them as possible."

With parks becoming more competitive to attract patron travelers during the economic downturn Borg opened the budget for 2009 to meet their goal of bringing no more than 250 new properties online this year. WiFi is considered the most economical way to get Internet access to campers. That said, Borg warns property managers and owners that WiFi is not without challenges.

24x7 support is needed for this demographic, outdoor wireless engineering is difficult in RV resort terrain, and having a team of engineers nationwide is nearly required to ensure reliability for travelers needing online.

Source: WiFiRV
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Jan 7, 2009

Is Your RV Ready For Digital TV?

Is your RV ready for the switch to digital TV?

This February, TV stations all over the country will be switching their signals from analog TV to digital. TVs that are not ready for the new signal will get blurry pictures.

Some RVers might be in for a surprise when they turn on their TVs this spring.  According to a story on KSL.com, up to 90% of RVs and campers use standard analog antennas.

You can fix the problem with a digital converter box. You can find out more at the official site about the digital TV transition. http://www.dtv.gov/ 

Source: KSL.com
Photo Source: SXC
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Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from RV Trader Insider!
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