Verdier Solar-Powered Camper Saves Energy And Brings Back Memories Of The Classic VW Van

The classic VW Van is a symbol of low-impact travel and minimal living on the road. Many VWs still roam the highways, still providing the simple life for their devoted owners.

According to, a new camper takes inspiration from the VW Van, but add its own eco-friendly and high-tech twist on the faithful traveler.

According to GreenTechnica, Verdier Solar-Powered Camper gets power from a 170 watt solar system. It also comes with a state of the art sound system, GPS, and other luxuries that you would not have found on a VW back in the 1960s.

The story also reports that the van is not for sale yet, but reservations are being taken for 2009.

Source: GreenTechnica, Inhabitant, and Verdier
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