The Keystone 2009 Outback Has Been Totally Re-Designed

New 2009 Keystone Outback Keystone RV Company just unveiled the new 2009 Outback light-weight travel trailer.

According to Keystone, the Outback has been totally re-engineered from the frame up. More aerodynamic profile combined with progressive graphics make have been implemented. Interiors have incorporated the newest residential styles using an eclectic butter- rum cream and auburn cherry cabinetry for a richer and warmer look.

Additional enhancements include 36-inch deep flush floor slides replacing 18-inch slides for increased interior roominess; U-shaped king dinette with 30 percent more seating area; air-bed sleeper sofa; and swivel mounted LCD TV. Currently nine floorplans are available including two Kargoroo toy-hauler editions.

Source: Keystone
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  1. 2006 Outback Sydney addition
    after first year started to develop warping on frond end , dealer said don't worry , normal, will go away when weather warms up.
    Second year warping is sreading and very notisable, dealer says there have been problems with delaminating. Great!! We take it in to dealer and they say SORRY OUT of Warrenty. Now we are stuck with a huge costly mess.
    The large decal also shrunk and is peeling off. The dealer said can't help you that the out back has that problem.

    Anyone have any sugestions on how to handle this??


  2. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Have a 2004 Cougar TT, have problems with ALL the decals, could get no satisfaction, they finally offered 2005 decals through a dealer for $564.00 for one side. I like the trailer, the quality seems to be fine, but the decals are garbage. I saw three others at the beach this year, and all had peeling decals. I even contacted the supplier for Keystone's decaals, (that took some work to find out about), they said the peeling was from exposure to the sun, but I cover it and had an older Fleetwood before that ALWAYS stayed outside and they didn't peel. They are really hurting themselves with decal problems.....

  3. Anonymous5:27 PM

    the comment that keystone does not stand behind you is right!!!We bought the 2009 loft which would not come down,so we had to call a rv repair guy to come and get it down.We had it for a couple months when this happened and we never got reinversedf for it.They said we had to take it in to a dealer which we cant if the loft is stuck up in the air!!!!We sent the bill in and it never happened.We were under warranty but they dont care.The repair guy also said the whole mechanism will have to be replaced.I will never buy anything from keystone again.

  4. The 2009 edition of Outback is a more appealing and convenient compared to the old edition. I must say that there are more space and bigger area to accommodate number of people. Also, it has great choice of amenities.


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