The Wonder, Explore, Believe Mobile Base Camp Could Be The Greenest RV Ever Built

Urban/wilderness survival expert Brian Bawdy's RV could be the "greenest" RV ever built.  The Wonder, Explore, Believe Mobile Base Camp is touring the country "to go off road and off grid: To be as pioneering, independent, self-sufficient and environmentally friendly as possible."

Bawdy's RV is a 2008 Lance Camper with special energy saving features, including a wind turbine, solar cells, and a way of harvesting rain to use for drinking water.

More details about he Wonder, Explore, Believe Mobile Base CampRV can be found on the official homepage.

KLS 5 in Salt Lake City, Utah features a video report on Brian Bawdy's RV, including the rainwater harvesting technology.

Source: and KLS 5 Salt Lake City UT.
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  1. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Thanks for the post. I really enjoy working with people who spread the message of adventure and RVing in a passionate and positive way.


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