Livin' Lite's Quicksilver Line Of Campers Wins "Green RV Of The Year"

Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles, manufacturer of the Quicksilver line of ultra lightweight Automotive Campers, was recently named Roaming Times “Green RV of the Year”.

Roaming Times, the popular destination of thousands of RV enthusiasts, recognizes and highlights innovation in the RVing industry with this choice. Roaming Times says “Our selection was influenced by zero formaldehyde, no rotting or rusting, low cost and the ability for the camper to be pulled by an ordinary car.

According to Livin’ Lite, the Quicksilver line opens up the RVing experience to a whole new generation of energy-conscious campers. ” In what has been a depressed RV economy, Livin’ Lite is poised for growth by offering “Green Friendly” RVs to consumers who embrace the GO GREEN movement.

With more and more families choosing fuel efficient cars and minivans over traditional trucks and SUVs, Livin’ Lite is positioned to offer those families an affordable opportunity to enjoy the RV lifestyle. “Our Quicksliver line of fold-out Automotive Campers are designed specifically for automobiles and minivans.” reports Mike Kinzel, GM of Livin’ Lite.

Unlike other ultra lightweights on the market that can be towed by cars, the QUICKSILVER can sleep up to six (6) people comfortably, features 6’-4” of headroom, and is built out of all aluminum and composites – making it both wood and formaldehyde Free! “You will not find even one splinter of wood in a QUICKSILVER,” says Kinzel, “Making our product Green Friendly on a number of levels – both in terms of construction materials and the incredible fuel savings our owners experience as they can go camping without having to use large trucks or SUVs to pull their camper.”

Source: Livin' Lite
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  1. Livin'Lite's Quicksilver camping vehicle is the best one for family campers who are looking fuel efficiency vehicle. As well this Camper won "Green RV of the Year" Award...


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