CookMate 3100 Alcohol Stove Offers Safer RV Cooking

An enjoyable day on a boat or RV can become even more delicious when it's topped off with a hot meal. But stoves using traditional cooking fuels such as butane or propane pose the risk of explosion. This is eliminated with the new CookMate 3100 double burner alcohol stove, which features the SafeFlame non-pressurized fuel canister system.

The canister's unique design prevents fuel from leaking out, even if it's turned completely upside down. This portable stainless steel stove is fueled by a SafeFlame stainless steel canister containing a non-flammable wick material. It absorbs and holds approximately 1-1/4 qts. of alcohol fuel. Alcohol is a safe, clean cooking fuel and can be easily extinguished with water.

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