Jun 26, 2008

WeatherMax 80 Awning For The Airstream Safari

Safety Components International homepage features details on the WeatherMax 80 awning.

When designing its new 17' and 22' Safari Sport, Airstream's aim was to make the RV light enough to be pulled by a standard SUV or V6 minivan. The strenuous exercise in weight-savings left no ounce unexamined, including the awning. Airstream turned to fabricator Zip Dee to supply WeatherMax 80 by Safety Components for awnings that helped keep the Safari Sport light on its wheels.

"We're able to roll WeatherMax 80 into a tighter package," said Zip Dee owner Jim Webb. "That made it possible to remove 20% of the awning housing louvers. We used airplane aluminum rather than stainless steel for the rollers to decrease the awning's weight by 14%."

WeatherMax 80 is easily rolled because the premium fabric is 33% thinner and 14% lighter than acrylic.

Thin, attractive WeatherMax 80 is twice as strong as its competitors. Crazing marks from frequent rolling and unrolling are eliminated and its patented HydroMax finish combats mildew.

Source: Safety Components International
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Jun 25, 2008

Country Coach Launches Innovative New Motorcoach Brand: Veranda

Highline Motorcoach Manufacturer Country Coach recently announced the launch of an entirely new product line.

Named Country Coach Veranda, this new coach line-up will offer multiple models of luxury diesel motorcoaches, each designed to integrate the company's new patent-pending Veranda innovation.

This feature opens the motorcoach's interior living space to outside air and light, and unifies the interior and exterior living area. Essentially a steel deck with railings that is created when a section of the coach sidewall is lowered, the Veranda living area is separated from the coach interior by a 12-foot expanse of hurricane-rated sliding glass doors that easily slide open to join the spaces. This revolutionary new concept allows for myriad floorplan configurations.

Jay Howard, company president and CEO, commented on the mission accomplished by this new line of motorcoaches. "The Veranda is designed to upgrade each of our owners' experience. Motorcoach enthusiasts visit the most beautiful locations across North America. Now, with the push of a button, they instantly upgrade to a private balcony with a view."

The Country Coach Veranda is currently in limited production, with its first motorcoach market debut scheduled for July 14th, 2008 at the Family Motor Coach Association International Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Source: Country Coach
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Jun 24, 2008

Color Digital Gauge System By Chetco Digital Instruments Inc. Helps Prevent Engine Damage And Helps Save Fuel

Chetco Digital Instruments Inc. has added a multi-function Color digital gauge to its line of automotive and marine monitoring products. The vGaugeG12c is an innovative digital instrument that can monitor and display up to 16 engine parameters in real-time using full color graphics to represent current engine parameters

The vGaugeG12c features a 5.7” sunlight viewable color touch screen that can display many types of user selectable gauges. By incorporating color graphics, vGaugeG12c allows users to see critical engine temperatures and pressures over a selectable time interval and can warn of harmful operating conditions before engine damage occurs. The company’s unique color Bar Histograms can show six temperature or pressure graphs using human color perception models to quickly identify harmful changes resulting from rich or lean fuel conditions.

According to Joe Burke CTO for the company, “We have developed a real-time color gauge package that can give operators instant feedback on multiple time critical temperatures or pressures. Our innovative color bar histograms depict temperatures with color intensities that are easy to interpret.” The color display can be configured with many other gauge formats that can be arranged by users and accessed using a touch screen interface.

Source: Chetco Digital Instruments
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Jun 23, 2008

The Ultimate In Compact RV Travel

The blogzine Haha.nu features a series of photos of tiny cars. We were captivated by this photo in the series of this little car pulling an travel trailer.

This car and trailer would look meek next to any modern Class A model, but its cute factor would certainly draw the attention of everyone in the campground.

Source: Haha.nu and Boing Boing
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Jun 20, 2008

The U-Line Ice Maker SP-18

During an excursion on a boat or RV, there's nothing more refreshing than enjoying a cold beverage or snack on a hot day. U-Line's compact SP-18 Ice Maker produces a large amount of ice in a short time, making it easy for everyone on board to keep cool.

According to U-line, this high-performance ice maker can produce over 20 lbs. of ice per day from only 2-1/2 gal. of water. It can store up to 12 lbs. of ice in its clear, removable ice bucket.

Due to its low profile, the SP-18 takes up minimal space. This ice maker has a zero clearance door swing and a field reversible door. A travel pin keeps the door securely closed.

U-Line's SP-18 is available in black or white. To withstand the adverse effects of the sun, the white model has an anodized aluminum door frame and handle as well as a specially designed stainless grill. Both models have stainless hinges and fasteners to help prevent corrosion.

Source: U-Line
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Jun 18, 2008

Passport Ultra Light Travel Trailer By Keystone RV Reaches 5,000

Keystone RV Company recently announced that the 5,000th Passport Ultra Lite travel trailer was produced by Keystone RV Company’s Howe, Indiana facility.

According to Keystone this 5,000th trailer comes less than 18 months after the brand was introduced and is the fastest start ever for a brand made by Keystone.

The price of gas has broadened the appeal of lightweight trailers, but Keystone RV suggests that the Passport's wealth of features makes it stand apart from other trailers in its class.

Source: Keystone RV and RV Trade Digest
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Jun 16, 2008

The Daily Job Of An RV Sales And Service Manager

To survive as an RV sales and service manager you have to know how to handle both people and machines. You are part salesperson and part mechanic.

The Winona Daily News features a profile of Doug Breza, an RV sales and service manager at Breezee's RV Center in Homer, Minnesota.

Unlike car sales, an RV salesperson is selling a house on wheels. That means you have to know an RV inside and out, from the handling the steering system to dealing with plumbing issues. The customers range from veteran RVers to first time buyers.

The story explores how Breza found a job in the RV industry and what opportunities are available for those who want to work in the business.

Source: Winona Daily News
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Jun 10, 2008

Buses Converted Into RVs To Gather In Oregon For 5th Annual Convention

Bus to RV conversions can range from opulent rolling homes fresh from the showroom to vintage buses converted with welding tools and dreams.

Popular Mechanics features a story on a gathering ofBus-to-RV owners in Rickreall, Oregon.

The story profiles Ron Rutledge, an Bus to RV conversion owner who took a old 1981 Crown school bus and turned it into a shiny masterpiece. Rutledge built the interior of his RV home himself, from the cabinets to the floor tiles.

If you want to see Bus-to-RV conversions up close for yourself, check out the Bus'N USA 5th Annual Convention June 24th to the 29th at Polk County Fairgrounds, Rickreall Oregon, just west of Salem, Oregon.

You can find out more at the Bus'N USA's homepage

Source: Popular Mechanics and Bus'nUSA
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Jun 9, 2008

Looking For Opportunity In the RV Industry

The Small Business Blog on the CNN Money site offers advice to a reader who wants to start an RV-related business.

According to the article, the RV industry is more than just building and selling RVs. Businesses in the RV industry range from companies making RV parts to outdoor accessories.

For those looking to open an RV dealership, the Recreational Vehicles Dealership Association is the best place to start. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association offers help with other RV-related businesses.

While these are the tough times for the RV business, the industry has endured high gas-prices before. Manufacturers are offering new models and styles that appeal to younger RV buyers.

Source: CNN Money - Small Business
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Jun 2, 2008

New Repair Kit Safely Removes Pits and Scratches From Your RV Windshield

Getting a chip or scratch on your RV windshield can be costly and sometimes dangerous.

Now you can fix your windshield with a new kit for removing pits and scratches from glass windshields from Ocean State Abrasives, Inc. of Kingston, Rhode Island.
The Scratch Magic Glass Repair Kit is designed to remove those bothersome pits and scratches from windshields and windscreens that can refract light and impair a driver's vision. Featuring optical-grade lapping and polishing compounds, this kit includes a felt lapping bob, 6" dia. buffing wheel, and step-by-step directions for removing "dings" caused by common road debris.

Providing materials required for repairing up to five typical windshields, the Scratch Magic Glass Repair Kit is supplied with a drill mount assembly for the buffing wheel and the lapping bob shank also fits a standard drill. The compounds used to reduce the depth of pits and scratches and then buff them smooth are water soluble and environmentally safe.

Source: Ocean State Abrasives
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