May 2, 2008

Pilgrim International offers RV Industry's first 5-Year warranty on all flooring utilizing the CosmoLite composite substrate

Pilgrim International recently announced a new 5-year warranty on all flooring utilizing the CosmoLite composite substrate.

Pilgrim began manufacturing floors utilizing the new CosmoLite
composite substrates in October of last year. It has since been featured in
many articles and publications, from transportation and travel magazines to
environmental white papers.

According to Pilgrim International...

"Traditionally, water has been the culprit in the deterioration of most
RV floors," stated Dave Hoefer, Co-founder and Chairman of Pilgrim
International. "Even a small amount of moisture resting on the floor of a
traditional camper can result in a soft spot, and ultimately lead to
instability. The multi- million dollar investment in new materials and
technology has paved the path to the 5-Year warranty; this is a clear and
decisive indication that we have a commitment to the future of the RV
industry. We stand behind our product and we are very proud to be the first
and only RV manufacturer in the world that can offer such guarantees to the

"The very nature of the composite material makes it impervious to rot,
mildew and mold," commented Doug Lantz, Vice President of Product
Development. "It was really a by-product of our quest to use stronger,
lighter materials." CosmoLite is also a formaldehyde-free product with no
out-gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and is completely

The CosmoLite Composite material is three times stronger than the
traditional wood substrates it replaces. These factors result in the
ability to offer a warranty that reflects the strength and durability of
the materials now utilized.

"The floors are really just the first step in the process to
manufacture a travel trailer that replaces wood in all six sides and
becomes the first Green eco-friendly trailer," commented Hoefer. "It is
part of our original vision of continuous improvement to remain the
forerunner in product innovation that will revolutionize the recreational
vehicle industry."

Source: Pilgrim International
Trader Online Web Developer

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