May 23, 2008

New Trailer Generator Provides Power On The Go

Effectively utilizing space is an important factor aboard race car trailers, RVs and toy haulers that do not have areas specifically dedicated for generators. Instead of taking up precious living or storage room, the innovative 5.5 kW Trailer Generator from Next Generation Power is designed to use the empty space on the tongue.
According to Next Generation Power...

Perfect for running power tools or air conditioning, the convenient 5.5 kW Trailer Generator employs a heavy-duty, 2-cylinder Z482 Kubota. At 2,800 rpm, this powerful diesel engine produces 12 hp. With a water-cooled radiator, it comes with a remote start/stop panel, safety shutdown and 50 amp breaker.

The included v-nose enclosure ensures proper ventilation and makes installation simple. Providing quiet operation, the enclosure is insulated with sound-dampening foam and the gen-set features isolation mounts

An optional 8 gallon tank can be mounted inside the enclosure for simple set up. Incredibly compact, the unit measures just 48" W x 30" H x 26" D and has a dry weight of only 330 lbs. The fuel efficient generator consumes merely 1/4 gph.

Source: Next Generation Power
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