Pilgrim RV increases production and gains new dealers

RV manufacturer Pilgrim International recently announced they are increasing production of their recreational vehicles.

According to a press release from Pilgrim...

"Pilgrim's production has increased by 55% since January of 2008.
Retail and dealer procurement of the higher quality, light weight travel
trailers, with the all composite floor system has forced us to raise
production. We are ever so grateful for the 16% increase in employment
opportunities it has created for our Northeast Indiana community," said
Dave Hoefer, Sr., Chairman of Pilgrim International.

While economic uncertainty and rising gas prices have hurt RV sales, Pilgrim has bucked the trend. Pilgrim also partnered with 45 new dealers since December 2007.

How does Pilgrim manage to stay successful in rough times?

"The new Pilgrim trailers have been very well received by our sales
staff, service department and most importantly, our customers," commented
Loren Baidas, VP of General RV Center."Pilgrim's new lightweight trailers have a luxurious look on the inside and outside. They also provide the customer with a quality, accessory rich, lightweight product they could not find before in the market place. Because of this, our Pilgrim sales here at General RV Center are up over 200%. Keeping up with the changing state of the market, and answering the evolving needs of its customers, Pilgrim is quickly becoming the leader in the RV industry."

Pilgrim recently introduced a new composite RV exterior and upgraded their website to offer customers an interactive way to choose an RV interior.

Source: Pilgrim International Inc.

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