The Little Rough Rider Trailer goes anywhere a 4-wheel drive vehicle can go

According to Little Guy Teardrop Trailers The Little Rough Rider Trailer can go just about anywhere your 4-wheel drive vehicle can go. Judging from the photos, "anywhere" means inclines that would tip over a Class A or muddy water that would stop a Class C in its tracks.

Here's what Little Guy Teardrop Trailers had to say about taking The Little Rough Rider for a leisurely drive...

According to Kip Czoch, the company's factory rep at the weeklong
event, "The Little Rough Rider defeated every obstacle, climbing off camber
without scraping or bumping on either approach or breaking over angles on
departure. This truly is a first in the recreational vehicle industry: a
camper that can be taken off-road, just about anywhere that your 4-wheel
drive can go. Of course, with a minimum of 19 inches of water-fording
capability, and 31 inch all-terrain tires, it's not hard to see how the
Little Rough Rider would eat up the brush and the trails."

The Little Rough Rider Moab Safari Edition weighs approximately 1,100
pounds and has full 11 gauge steel skid plates. It comes standard with
31x10.5R15 tires on 8x15 wheels. The frame is 2 inches x 3 inches welded
and powder coated for extra protection, and the trailer is available in
widths of 5 feet and 6 feet (excluding fenders). The overall length is just
over 12 feet including the tongue.

The rear hatch of the camper opens to expose a galley area with
countertop and cabinets, and the camper comes equipped with a custom fit
tri-fold mattress and a pintle hitch. Custom graphics packages are
available, and so are vehicle-matched fender options.

Some of the many options include a heating and air conditioning package, gas grill tailgater package, video system, and an exoskeleton/roof rack system that will carry your other gear. A Little Guy Sport Model is also available that includes a front-mounted platform with stowaway ramps for hauling a four- wheeler or two dirt bikes.

Source: Little Guy Teardrop Trailers
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