Chevy Workhorse cab chassis for Class C motor homes increases market share

While stylish interiors and sleek designs catch the eye of RV buyers, the chassis underneath that glossy RV exterior is what holds the whole package together. The front cab of an RV should offer the same level of comfort as the living area.

The Workhorse Custom Chassis site features details on the Chevy Workhorse cab chassis for Class C motor home. The Chevy Workhorse cab chassis has seen an increase market share in a tough RV sales market, capturing 30 percent market share for January.

“The Workhorse-GM relationship on this chassis has certainly resonated with RVers, even when the motor home market has been down,” said Bill Walmsley, Workhorse director of RV marketing.

The 2008 model features a redesigned cockpit for more controls than ever at easy reach, starting with a new steering wheel with new cruise control activation. A new radio adds MP3 capabilities with convenient switches and dials. New HVAC control knobs and childproof window switches add more convenience and safety.

The new 2008 gauge cluster also enhances driver visibility while adding a Driver Information Center. This dash-mounted screen provides maintenance reminders for systems including the A/C, air bag, battery and antitheft system. Along with various engine function warning messages, it provides a fuel status that includes fuel used, fuel range, and average fuel economy.

“Add the upgraded seating and you’ve got a very comfortable and user-friendly new cab that will definitely enhance the driving experience,” said Walmsley.

Some of the other user-friendly touches Walmsley notes include the labeled and easy to find fluid fills and engine monitoring points. A step on the front bumper makes it easier to reach the windshield for cleaning. Battery rundown protection, lockout prevention and retained accessory power provide another safety net.

Source: Workhorse Custom Chassis
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