Apr 30, 2008

Yamaha's EF4500iSE generator designed for less noise and better fuel economy

Having a generator to power lights and other luxuries brings comfort to an RV trip, but keeping the noise and rumble of a generator to minimum is a challenge.

Yamaha's EF4500iSE is designed for less noise and better fuel economy. It has the most powerful engine in its class, allowing for very low engine speed of 2,600 rpm – that’s 1,000 rpm lower than comparable generators – which reduces fuel consumption, noise, vibration and engine wear.

According to Yamaha...

“The EF4500iSE engine is quiet and fuel-efficient,” said Colin Iwasa, power equipment sales manager at Yamaha. “The 357cc Yamaha 4-stroke OHV engine was certified to the most stringent California Air Resources Board Tier III exhaust emission regulations and durability levels.”

Thanks to Yamaha’s Pulse Width Modulation inverter system, the power generated by the EF4500iSE is suitable to run satellite TV systems, computer and other sophisticated electronic appliances.

“The EF4500iSE provides RVers with the comforts and pleasures of electricity in a quiet easy-to-use package,” said Iwasa. “Electric start and automatic choke makes starting easier than falling out of bed, and if you don’t want to get out of bed use the optional wireless remote to start and stop the generator from up to 66 feet away.”

Source: Yamaha
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Apr 29, 2008

2009 Canyon Star 3920 by Newmar offers room for toys and more living space

RV travelers need room for more than just a few coolers and some folding chairs. RVers want living space and room to take their off-road vehicles.

Previous toy hauler RVs offered room for the ATVs or dirt bikes, but sacrificed room for sleeping after a long day of riding.
Newmar Corporation, an Indiana-based manufacturer of Class A motorhomes and fifth wheels, has designed the ultimate Class A Gas Toy Hauler floorplan for the adventurous RVer.

The 2009 Canyon Star 3920 is the perfect fit for the person who loves to travel in style and take their toys on the road. This new floorplan gives owners comfortable, roomy living space with a garage to store large off-road vehicles.

According to Newmar...

“The 3920 is the first Class A Gas toy hauler on the market to offer an actual full-size bedroom,” said John Sammut, Newmar’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Although bunk beds with an electric bed lift are an option in the garage of this new Canyon Star model, this unique layout allows the owner to sleep comfortably somewhere in the motorhome other than in the garage or on the sofa in the living room.”

This dedicated bedroom space comes standard with a queen-size bed, wardrobes, a chest of drawers, and a 19” LCD TV.

The 3920 features a rear-ramp design and is built on the Ford F-53 26,000 chassis powered by a 362 horsepower Triton V-10 engine. With over 6,000 lbs. of Net Carrying Capacity, Canyon Star owners are able to take their small vehicles with them and enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Garage features include diamond tread rubber flooring, tie-down tracks, and a stainless steel overhead cabinet with a recessed flip-down countertop. Wheel chocks, a screen for the rear cargo door, and a second air conditioner with heat strips are optional.

The Canyon Star front living area features a full-size kitchen with a built-in booth dinette (or optional round dinette or freestanding dinette), a 74” sofa, and a 26” LCD TV in the front overhead cabinet. A dry bar with a 32” LCD TV can be optioned.

Source: Newmar Corportaion
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Apr 24, 2008

Folding campers offer affordable RV adventure

Folding campers offer the adventure of RVing on a modest budget. If you want an affordable RV, or you just want to be closer to nature, a folding camper could be your best choice.

Pictured here is the Pony by Palomino, available in three different floor plans and equipped with features including a 7' awning and a 18 gallon under floor water tank.

Source: Palomino
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Apr 23, 2008

Little Rock Arkansas plans RV park in the city

An RV park near a city waterfront? Not all RVers crave the wide open spaces. Some RV travelers want city lights rather than campfires.

According to TodaysTHV.com, a new RV park under construction in Little Rock, Arkansas is located on the city waterfront.

The 12-acre site for the park in North Little Rock will offer RVers access to the city's shopping and restaurants. The park will have 65 to 70 spaces for RVs.

Source: TodaysTHV
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Apr 22, 2008

Dealing with RV engine heat and power problems

Your RV's engine has a tough job. Along with the weight of the RV frame and body, RVs are now stocked with TVs, generators, furniture, and supplies for a family trip. That is a lot to demand, even for a high-powered RV engine.

Without proper maintenance and care, an RV engine can run hot, along with the wear and tear that warm traveling weather can inflict.

The RV Tech Tips blog offers advice from Eric Davis, who has over thirty years experience with the engine performance and handling problems of RVs. Eric offers advice to an RVer with engine-overheating problems with his motorhome.

Source: RV Tech Tips
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Apr 21, 2008

Regular maintenance can protect you RV investment

As the weather gets warmer, RVers are getting read to hit the road and travel. Tampa Bay Online features a New York Times story on handy tips for keeping your RV road ready.

Regular maintenance can protect your RV from common problems ranging from water leaks to a breakdown requiring towing.

One common RV maintenance problem is the roof. Manufacturers will guarantee the structure of a roof, but the seals around vents and other areas are the owner's responsibility.

Source: Tampa Bay Online
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Apr 18, 2008

The Little Rough Rider Trailer goes anywhere a 4-wheel drive vehicle can go

According to Little Guy Teardrop Trailers The Little Rough Rider Trailer can go just about anywhere your 4-wheel drive vehicle can go. Judging from the photos, "anywhere" means inclines that would tip over a Class A or muddy water that would stop a Class C in its tracks.

Here's what Little Guy Teardrop Trailers had to say about taking The Little Rough Rider for a leisurely drive...

According to Kip Czoch, the company's factory rep at the weeklong
event, "The Little Rough Rider defeated every obstacle, climbing off camber
without scraping or bumping on either approach or breaking over angles on
departure. This truly is a first in the recreational vehicle industry: a
camper that can be taken off-road, just about anywhere that your 4-wheel
drive can go. Of course, with a minimum of 19 inches of water-fording
capability, and 31 inch all-terrain tires, it's not hard to see how the
Little Rough Rider would eat up the brush and the trails."

The Little Rough Rider Moab Safari Edition weighs approximately 1,100
pounds and has full 11 gauge steel skid plates. It comes standard with
31x10.5R15 tires on 8x15 wheels. The frame is 2 inches x 3 inches welded
and powder coated for extra protection, and the trailer is available in
widths of 5 feet and 6 feet (excluding fenders). The overall length is just
over 12 feet including the tongue.

The rear hatch of the camper opens to expose a galley area with
countertop and cabinets, and the camper comes equipped with a custom fit
tri-fold mattress and a pintle hitch. Custom graphics packages are
available, and so are vehicle-matched fender options.

Some of the many options include a heating and air conditioning package, gas grill tailgater package, video system, and an exoskeleton/roof rack system that will carry your other gear. A Little Guy Sport Model is also available that includes a front-mounted platform with stowaway ramps for hauling a four- wheeler or two dirt bikes.

Source: Little Guy Teardrop Trailers
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Apr 14, 2008

Couple shares their RV journey to the Panama Canal

The American Statesman features a story on one couple's RV journey across Central America to visit the Panama Canal.

Harriet and John Halkyard share how they took their RV from Houston, Texas on a trek across Mexico and Central America, ending at the "Bridge of the Americas" that spans the Panama Canal.

The Halkyard's RV trip had its bumpy moments dealing with unpaved roads, mountain and jungle climates, and finding gas.

You can read more about Harriet and John Halkyard at 99daystopanama.com

Source: American Statesman and 99daystopanama.com
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Yuma has a great season thanks to baby boomer RVers and Canadians

YumaSun.com reports that seasonal visitors to Yuma, Arizona reflect a changing RV market.

Recreational vehicle park managers had a good season driven by younger RVers, many from the first wave of retiring baby boomers.

Visitors from Canada arrived in larger numbers thanks to stronger Canadian currency offering more purchasing power.

The new generation of RVers are looking for more upscale RV parks, equipped with Internet access, putting greens, on-site spas, and fitness trainers.

Source: YumaSun.com
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Apr 10, 2008

Pilgrim RV increases production and gains new dealers

RV manufacturer Pilgrim International recently announced they are increasing production of their recreational vehicles.

According to a press release from Pilgrim...

"Pilgrim's production has increased by 55% since January of 2008.
Retail and dealer procurement of the higher quality, light weight travel
trailers, with the all composite floor system has forced us to raise
production. We are ever so grateful for the 16% increase in employment
opportunities it has created for our Northeast Indiana community," said
Dave Hoefer, Sr., Chairman of Pilgrim International.

While economic uncertainty and rising gas prices have hurt RV sales, Pilgrim has bucked the trend. Pilgrim also partnered with 45 new dealers since December 2007.

How does Pilgrim manage to stay successful in rough times?

"The new Pilgrim trailers have been very well received by our sales
staff, service department and most importantly, our customers," commented
Loren Baidas, VP of General RV Center."Pilgrim's new lightweight trailers have a luxurious look on the inside and outside. They also provide the customer with a quality, accessory rich, lightweight product they could not find before in the market place. Because of this, our Pilgrim sales here at General RV Center are up over 200%. Keeping up with the changing state of the market, and answering the evolving needs of its customers, Pilgrim is quickly becoming the leader in the RV industry."

Pilgrim recently introduced a new composite RV exterior and upgraded their website to offer customers an interactive way to choose an RV interior.

Source: Pilgrim International Inc.

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Apr 7, 2008

Chevy Workhorse cab chassis for Class C motor homes increases market share

While stylish interiors and sleek designs catch the eye of RV buyers, the chassis underneath that glossy RV exterior is what holds the whole package together. The front cab of an RV should offer the same level of comfort as the living area.

The Workhorse Custom Chassis site features details on the Chevy Workhorse cab chassis for Class C motor home. The Chevy Workhorse cab chassis has seen an increase market share in a tough RV sales market, capturing 30 percent market share for January.

“The Workhorse-GM relationship on this chassis has certainly resonated with RVers, even when the motor home market has been down,” said Bill Walmsley, Workhorse director of RV marketing.

The 2008 model features a redesigned cockpit for more controls than ever at easy reach, starting with a new steering wheel with new cruise control activation. A new radio adds MP3 capabilities with convenient switches and dials. New HVAC control knobs and childproof window switches add more convenience and safety.

The new 2008 gauge cluster also enhances driver visibility while adding a Driver Information Center. This dash-mounted screen provides maintenance reminders for systems including the A/C, air bag, battery and antitheft system. Along with various engine function warning messages, it provides a fuel status that includes fuel used, fuel range, and average fuel economy.

“Add the upgraded seating and you’ve got a very comfortable and user-friendly new cab that will definitely enhance the driving experience,” said Walmsley.

Some of the other user-friendly touches Walmsley notes include the labeled and easy to find fluid fills and engine monitoring points. A step on the front bumper makes it easier to reach the windshield for cleaning. Battery rundown protection, lockout prevention and retained accessory power provide another safety net.

Source: Workhorse Custom Chassis
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