Progressive to offer coverage for RV pets

Many RVers travel with their pets, sharing the adventure of the open road just like any other family member

Now Progressive RV insurance is making sure that RV pets can get insurance coverage.

According to Progressive...
Today, RV insurance policies cover the people but not the pets... inside RVs. Beginning March 31 in most states, Pet Injury Coverage, free with Collision and Comprehensive, pays up to $500 if a dog or cat is hurt or dies because of a crash, fire or flood.
"RVing is more fun when the entire family, including pets, comes along for the ride," said Cathy Pelfrey, RV product manager, Progressive. "This coverage gives pet owners something no other RV insurer offers — peace of mind from knowing that their dogs and cats are protected, too."
In September 2007, Progressive was the first to introduce pet injury protection to its car insurance customers.
Source: Progressive
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