Pilgrim International website offers new interactive features

RV manufacturers are always trying to update their websites so customers can get a better idea of the features and design of the newest models. Pilgrim International recently updated their website to let RVers pick their decor as well as their model.

According to Pilgrim International...

Pilgrim International, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its completely redesigned interactive website at The site now includes a fresh new look and format, as well as a unique interactive interior décor selection feature that allows consumers and dealers to view fabric, décor and wood options with a click of the mouse. The new site features the full line of Pilgrim International travel trailers and fifth wheels with “model overviews” and printable PDF brochures for Pilgrim 1500 Series, Pilgrim 2500 Series, Open Road, Legends MP, Legends HP, Cirrus Ultra Lite and Cirrus Hybrid product lines.

One of the most exciting new features on Pilgrim’s new website is the interactive Décor section. A view of the inside of the trailer is displayed with clickable buttons that transform the view of the trailer with different fabric, décor and wood options. Each trailer or fifth wheel comes with different décor patterns--a variety of colors for the sofa, chair, dinette and bedspread along with wood tones to compliment any taste.

Detailed lists of standard equipment included are also available, organized into sections for Exterior, Interior, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Utilities and Construction. Optional equipment is also listed. A gallery of photos of each model is available in order to see each trailer or fifth wheel from every angle.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pilgrim, Jerry Sell stated, “As far was we know, our new website is the only one of its kind that has the ability to change the interior décor of the RV with a simple click of a button. It’s a great feature for our customers to see what is available to them before making a purchase. It’s also great for our dealers to showcase décor choices to our customers.”

Source: Pilgrim International
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