Mar 26, 2008

New RV park is designed to be Earth friendly

green treesA new RV park in Tehama County, California does more than get RVers close to nature, it will strive to protect the environment. reports on the 174-site Durango RV Resort that opens this May.

The "green" RV park is designed to conserve water and heat, use composting and recycling to dispose of waste, with buildings designed to conserve energy. Even the pool will use biodegradable chemicals.

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NavStar Voice Navigator GPS gives directions without a touch screen

GPS devices can help guide you to your favorite destinations, but they can also be a pain to use while driving. Messing around with a touch-screen device is the last thing you want to do while driving a big RV.

NavStar Technologies has designed the hands-free Voice Navigator, a GPS device that uses voice commands when requesting directions. There is no touch-screen or interface to learn. Plug it in and it is ready to give directions.

The Voice Navigator was designed with RVers in mind. NavStar studied the RV industry and gained input from RV owners to determine their needs. Voice Navigator will arrive pre-loaded with customized RV data, including KOA locations in the US, dump stations locations, additional campground providers, maintenance and repair locations, and additional data that RV owners identify as useful.

Source: NavStar
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Mar 24, 2008

Pilgrim International website offers new interactive features

RV manufacturers are always trying to update their websites so customers can get a better idea of the features and design of the newest models. Pilgrim International recently updated their website to let RVers pick their decor as well as their model.

According to Pilgrim International...

Pilgrim International, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its completely redesigned interactive website at The site now includes a fresh new look and format, as well as a unique interactive interior décor selection feature that allows consumers and dealers to view fabric, décor and wood options with a click of the mouse. The new site features the full line of Pilgrim International travel trailers and fifth wheels with “model overviews” and printable PDF brochures for Pilgrim 1500 Series, Pilgrim 2500 Series, Open Road, Legends MP, Legends HP, Cirrus Ultra Lite and Cirrus Hybrid product lines.

One of the most exciting new features on Pilgrim’s new website is the interactive Décor section. A view of the inside of the trailer is displayed with clickable buttons that transform the view of the trailer with different fabric, décor and wood options. Each trailer or fifth wheel comes with different décor patterns--a variety of colors for the sofa, chair, dinette and bedspread along with wood tones to compliment any taste.

Detailed lists of standard equipment included are also available, organized into sections for Exterior, Interior, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Utilities and Construction. Optional equipment is also listed. A gallery of photos of each model is available in order to see each trailer or fifth wheel from every angle.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pilgrim, Jerry Sell stated, “As far was we know, our new website is the only one of its kind that has the ability to change the interior décor of the RV with a simple click of a button. It’s a great feature for our customers to see what is available to them before making a purchase. It’s also great for our dealers to showcase décor choices to our customers.”

Source: Pilgrim International
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KOA's Come Camp & Care With Us Weekend 2008

Kampgrounds of America recently announced the Come Camp and Care With Us Weekend to be held May 9-10, 2008. A list of participating camp grounds can be found on the KOA site.

According to Kampgrounds of America...

Kampgrounds of America's popular Come Camp and Care With Us Weekend will be held the weekend of May 9-10, 2008. Campers staying as paid guests on Friday, May 9, at participating KOAs will receive a free night of camping at that campground on Saturday, May 10.

Since 2004, KOA has offered campers throughout North America a free night of camping each May at participating KOA campgrounds. In 2007, the event was expanded to a weekend event, offering a free Saturday of camping for those who stay as paid guests at participating campgrounds on Friday.

The event is intended to expose more people to the joys of camping by offering them a free night, as well as to encourage campers to both begin camping earlier in the spring season, and to consider KOA campgrounds close to home. Expanding to a weekend event allows KOA campground owners to plan more fun activities for campers to enjoy.

For 2008, the event will again serve as a major fundraiser for KOA Care Camps for children with cancer. The 35 camps, located throughout North America, offer children with cancer and their siblings a chance to experience summer camp in a safe environment while continuing with their medically supervised treatments.

"Come Camp and Care With Us Weekend has grown to become one of the highlights of our camping year," said KOA President and Chief Operating Officer Shane Ott. "Pairing it with a great charity like KOA Care Camps for children with cancer just seemed natural, because we knew our campers would love to help these special kids experience great camping, too."

In 2007, camper donations helped raise more than $225,000 for KOA Care Camps during the Come Camp and Care With Us Weekend event.

Source: Kampgrounds of America
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Mar 18, 2008

Recreational Vehicle storage condominiums offer storage solution

No matter how sleek or expensive your RV is, you probably have neighbors who don't want to look at it. RV storage has become a hot issue in some cities, with angry debates over where and how RV owners can park their vehicles. The Eucalyptus at Beaumont could offer a solution to the problem, offering RV owners a chance to own their own storage space. These are not ordinary storage space facilities you would store the junk you can't fit in your attic anymore. From the renderings below, the lounge area alone as luxurious as some of the interiors of the RVs stored there. According to Eucalyptus at Beaumont... Recreational Vehicle storage condominiums offer a solution to the growing problem of RV storage and parking. Many cities throughout California are passing regulations prohibiting the parking of large RV's on city streets. High land costs make new RV storage facilities financially unfeasible. The recreational vehicle market is rapidly expanding, while the availability of storage is shrinking. That equals higher storage prices. Eucalyptus at Beaumont, A Private Storage Community is the brain child of owner/developer Ted Deits. "Up until now, the only alternative to RV storage was to rent a space. Now, we are offering fully enclosed garage type storage designed specifically for the storage of recreational vehicles that are owned, not rented," said Deits. "Storage rental rates have risen so high, it now makes perfect economic sense to purchase your storage," he continued. Eucalyptus at Beaumont will offer 112 enclosed garage-style storage with all units designed to house even the largest RV, built on 4.5 acres of land. The first sales phase of 30 units was released in October of 2006, and sold out in 2 days. Phase 2 with 48 units was released on July 9th, 2007, to a waiting list of over 900 people. "That phase took about three weeks to sell out," Deits said. "When we executed this idea 2 years ago, we felt only the well-heeled would be buyers," Deits continued. "As it turns out, the regular Joe's are snapping these up. All but 1 of these units has been sold to people on average 70 miles away. 10 were sold to Hawaii residents and one in Australia. Several buyers have purchased multiple units. With unit prices starting in the mid-fifties, it competes well with the rental market." Ownership is the same as traditional residential condominiums. There is no underlying land lease. A 2700-sq.-ft. clubhouse with a big screen TV, showers, LEED compatible interiors, and numerous RV specific amenities also complement the project. "Our design from the start was to provide an upscale, safe, easily accessible RV storage alternative. Push one button on your provided remote control, and the security gates opens and the burglar alarm in your unit is disabled. Push the second button and the door to your unit opens and the lights are turned on for you. Isle widths are a comfortable 71 feet wide for easy turning. What could be easier?" said Deits. Source: Eucalyptus at Beaumont
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Mar 3, 2008

Progressive to offer coverage for RV pets

Many RVers travel with their pets, sharing the adventure of the open road just like any other family member

Now Progressive RV insurance is making sure that RV pets can get insurance coverage.

According to Progressive...
Today, RV insurance policies cover the people but not the pets... inside RVs. Beginning March 31 in most states, Pet Injury Coverage, free with Collision and Comprehensive, pays up to $500 if a dog or cat is hurt or dies because of a crash, fire or flood.
"RVing is more fun when the entire family, including pets, comes along for the ride," said Cathy Pelfrey, RV product manager, Progressive. "This coverage gives pet owners something no other RV insurer offers — peace of mind from knowing that their dogs and cats are protected, too."
In September 2007, Progressive was the first to introduce pet injury protection to its car insurance customers.
Source: Progressive
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