Feb 19, 2008

The RV Spy Guys break into the Monaco Coach's RV plant...or do they?

Who are the RV Spy Guys? If you watch their video on YouTube, they seem to be two middle-aged guys breaking into a Monaco Coach Plant to check out new RVs and reveal them to the world. But what sort of criminals would have their own web page sharing their videos? According The Register Guard, the RV Spy Guys are really a clever marketing campaign to promote Monaco RVs. Just a reminder, do not attempt to break into an RV plant on your own. Leave it to the marketing professionals. Source: The Register Guard, and The RV Spy Guys
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Feb 14, 2008

Tiffin offers new location for laptop computers

Laptop computers are now almost a part of RVing as cookouts and sightseeing. Tiffin Motorhomes now offer computer-friendly workstations that make it easy to organize your digital life while on the road. According to Tiffin Motorhomes... Maybe laptop isn't where you want to use your laptop. Tiffin Motorhomes understands.

The Class A motorhome manufacturer has just added another optional coach location to search for restaurants near a campground or admire the latest emailed photos of the grandkids.

Since January, all 2008 Phaeton, Allegro Bus and Zephyr diesel pusher models are available with the optional dinette/computer work station that includes room for a printer and files.

"We believe this will appeal to everyone who uses a computer, and that's at least 90% of our customers," says Jerry Williamson, Tiffin national sales manager. "Our customers are electronically savvy, which has become a way of life."

Earlier in the current model year, Tiffin began offering an optional euro recliner with a computer/end table. For 2006 models, Tiffin introduced a front passenger side dash laptop work station which is still standard.

"The euro recliner and computer work station proved popular with many of our customers, but others wanted the additional sleeping capacity of the Air Coil Hide-A-Bed sofa instead," Williamson adds.

With the adjacent dinette, computer users will have plenty of horizontal workspace. When the computer is shut down and it's time to watch TV, the midsection seated eye-level set accommodates many viewers from the two sofas and the swiveled seats. Source: Tiffin Motorhomes
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