Unicat EX70-HD - the tough dump truck inspired RV with a soft heart

Imagine driving this beast into your local RV park. This Unicat EX70-HD might look rough and mean on the outside, inside its a big softie that just wants to cuddle.

While the Unicat EX70-HD looks like a dump truck, inside it offers the luxury and style of a hip studio apartment located in a trendy downtown neighborhood.

The EX70-HD is a custom designed vehicle, built from self supporting UNICAT sandwich plate panels of fibre glass composite. Seating is 2 air suspended seats and 2 jump seats, convertible to bed.

It looks like something Mad Max would drive. Max would probably sleep soundly behind burglarproof, scratchproof top hinged sidelights, or enjoy watching TV and other tech gear powered by a watercooled Fischer-Panda diesel generator with 2-cylinder diesel engine.

Other features include 177 gallons freeze proof drinking water tank, furniture custom built to the highest cabinetmaking standard out of wood core, large outside storage compartment, kitchen countertop with integrated sink, satellite navigation system.

You can even bring you ATV along thanks to an integrated storage compartment in the back.

Source: Unicat
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  1. Holy crap. That's the first RV I've ever seen that I might actually want to buy. It's irresistibly ugly on the outside and cooler than a Manhattan studio on the inside. I'm selling my house right now and buying this thing.

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