Nov 19, 2007

New all composite RV has exterior similar to a golf ball

Pilgrim International Inc. is introducing the first all composite RV at the annual Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) show in Louisville, Kentucky.

An all composite RV uses no wood in its construction, making the body resistant to mold and rot.

One of the compounds used on the outside of the RV is Dupont Surlyn: the impact resistant coating found on golf balls.

Considering the abuse that some golf balls suffer underneath the clubs of frustrated golfers, this sounds like the perfect coating for an RV. Just don't expect the RV to be covered with little dimples.

In this photo, Pilgrim International Lamination Plant Manager Ken Mahaffa, and Co-founder and Chairman Dave Hoefer, stand next to the new composite RV.

According to Pilgrim International Inc.

Pilgrim International Inc. of Middlebury, Indiana, will introduce the RV industry’s first all-composite recreational vehicle in its 2008 product display booth 1060 at the annual Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) show in Louisville, Kentucky at the Kentucky Exposition Center, November 27-29, 2007.

Working closely with TekModo LLC, Pilgrim International will debut a display unit with floors, walls, roof and end caps completely Luan and plywood free and comprised entirely of CosmoLite, a thermoplastic fiber-reinforced composite. Additionally, Pilgrim International and TekModo will introduce the revolutionary exterior surface SpectraLite enhanced with Dupont Surlyn--the same extraordinarily impact resistant coating found on golf balls.

“We are adhering to our vision of continuous improvement to remain the forerunners in innovation of new technologies that will change the recreational vehicle industry.” Stated Pilgrim International Co-founder and Chairman Dave Hoefer.
The all composite Pilgrim International travel trailer debuting at the 2007 Louisville RVIA show is the first of its kind to utilize all composite construction with absolutely zero wood. This new technology enables Pilgrim International to manufacture completely seamless substrate floors, sidewalls, roofs and end-caps resulting in true uni-body strength for long lasting durability. In addition, the all-composite unit is fully water resistant and is impervious to rot, mildew and mold.

“The all-composite prototype unit displayed at this year’s RVIA show features a dramatic weight reduction over conventionally manufactured recreational vehicles,” stated Hoefer, “We are aspiring to build units weighing 15-to-20 percent less. This will improve fuel efficiency and will enable families to take more equipment. But more significantly, this dramatic weigh reduction will allow almost any vehicle to become a tow vehicle—from the family sedan, to the millions of mini vans on the road today. What was formerly towed by a one-ton truck will be towed by a three quarter ton truck, three quarter ton truck to a half ton—and so on. This technology opens up significant opportunities and markets for Pilgrim International dealers,” stated Hoefer
Source: Pilgrim International
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Nov 16, 2007

Gulf Stream RV's Tour Master Constellation - RV comfort with a home theater

Remember when movies were less than ten dollars a show and no cell phones were ringing in the middle of the feature? Now you can take that money spent on tickets and overpriced movie popcorn and put it towards an RV with a home theater.
The Gulf Stream RV Tour Master Constellation is the RV for those who love the movies as much as travel. The Constellation features the space and style of a luxury RV with a 46” LCD TV home theater.

Even the worst Hollywood sequel would be a dream to watch in chairs that look this comfy.

According to Gulf Stream...

The Constellation redefines the Luxury Motorcoach market and sets a new standard of sophistication by blending luxurious amenities and advanced electronic features. Built on a raised-rail Freightliner chassis, the Constellation delivers a 400 HP Cummins diesel engine coupled with an updated 3000 series Allison transmission.

This combination provides an amazing 46,860 GVWR. The Tour Master Constellation features a full-wall slide floor plan with beautifully appointed maple hardwood, radius cabinetry, produced by Gulf Stream’s new, state of the art Curve-tec custom cabinet division.

The Constellation’s innovative home theater suite displays a 46” LCD TV and provides a Sony Dream system and personal theater seating arrangement that makes this an entertainment center for everyone to envy and enjoy. When the entertainment has ended, your Master bedroom suite is just a push of the button away. Converting the suite from an entertainment showcase into the bedroom by automatically lowering the Residential King Murphy Bed.

The Tour Master Constellation will be showcased at the 45th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky from November 27th – November 29th in the Gulf Stream Coach display.

Source: Gulf Stream
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Nov 5, 2007

Earthroamer Xpedition Vehicles - A greener RV?

Most RVs are designed to travel not too far from where the roads are made of asphalt. But what about the RVer who is looking to camp somewhere beyond RV parks and paved roads?

Xpedition Vehicles by EarthRoamer are designed with the adventerous RVer in mind. You can use an EarthRoamer like a typical RV, with hookups for power, water, and other amenities. You can also take an Earthroamer beyond the parking spot of your RV resort and travel to wilder terrain.

According to EarthRoamer...

The best one-word description of an EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicle is freedom. EarthRoamer XVs give you the freedom to travel confidently and comfortably anywhere you want, whenever you want, without concern for the weather or season. It's the freedom to head out on a trail in the middle of Baja to a pristine secluded beach. It's the freedom to camp safely with all the comforts of home high in the mountains - in the middle of winter!

Earthroamer RVs are also designed to appeal to consumers who want a "greener" RV.

Preserving the environment for generations to come is very important to us so we design renewable energy sources like solar and biodiesel into our systems whenever possible. All of our vehicles utilize solar energy as a primary power source for lights and appliances. To us, respect for the environment also includes the need to respect wildlife and others in the environment so we design our vehicles to be fully operational without the need for a noisy generator.

A green RV? Prius owners might need to make more space in the driveway.

Source: Earthroamer
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RV dealers and community help vicitms of fire and tornadoes

RV living is usually associated with good times and care-free living. Sometimes an RV is needed not for vacation fun, but as a refuge during a time of crisis.

RV Trade Digest reports that La Mesa RV Center along with Dealers Edge LLC and Tom Stinnett RV Freedom Center are pitching in to help victims of the California wildfires.

A tornado recently struck Nappanee, Indiana and damaged the homes of employees Gulf Stream RV. Lippert Components, an RV supplier, donated $10,000 in gift cards to help out the workers.

Source: RV Trade Digest
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Nov 2, 2007

Crossroads RV's Seville features a real slate fireplace

An RV with a fireplace? Some RV models do feature electric fireplaces. While you can't burn logs or roast marshmallows with one, they do crank out the heat to keep you warm. One floorplan for the new Seville fifth wheel by Crossroads RV takes the mobile fireplace to a new level, using slate as a decoration. The Seville is CrossRoads' newest line of fifth wheels and carries a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in the mid $50,000 range. Featuring aluminum framed constrution and a smooth fiberglass exterior, the Seville will be offered in six different floor plan models. One floor plan, model VF35CK, features an innovative "floor-to-ceiling" fireplace with the look of real slate along with a 42-inch high definition LCD television.
Crossroads RV will debut its new Seville fifth wheels at the 45th annual National Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Show in Louisville, Kentucky, November 27-29. With a cozy interior like this, RVing in the dead of winter sounds great. Hot chocolate not included. Source: Crossroads RV and RV Trade Digest
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