X-Lite by Cougar demand jumps as buyers seek lighter RVs

Keystone RV Company reports that concern over rising fuel prices have boosted sales of the X-Lite by Cougar travel trailer.

According to Keystone RV company...

X-Lite retail sales for the first six months of 2007 continue to set record numbers and outpace the market, according to Cougar product manager Chris Hermon. With the rapid growth in orders, production rates for the X-Lite are scheduled to increase significantly by the end of the year.

The X-Lite offers not only improved towability but all the great looks and features consumers have come to expect in the Cougar product line, says Hermon. “We didn’t take our number one selling Cougar product and sacrifice anything. Instead we broke new ground and leveraged what we know about value, features and floorplans. The X-Lite has a high end look and high end sizzle all packaged in a quality product that can be towed with today’s lighter tow vehicles. This is what the consumer is looking for today.”

Two more X-Lite travel trailer floorplans will be introduced later this year as well as the first X-Lite fifth wheel model.

Continues Hermon, “By expanding the hot-selling X-Lite line we are giving consumers exactly what they are asking for. X-Lite represents the principal upon which the Cougar product line was established—high value, lighterweight trailers that are easily towed.”

You can read more at the official X-lite site.
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  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I have a 2009 xlite cougar with a few issues:
    the fuse goes every time I push the slideout button. the dealership told me to replace the 30amp with a 40amp.
    The vents do not work in the bedroom
    The TV does not give out sound Does anyone else have this problem?

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

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