Wal-Mart parking lots attract their own RV community

Of all the places to take your RV on vacation, a Wal-Mart parking lot is an unlikely choice.

According to the, the asphalt spaces of Wal-Mart stores are sought out by many RVers for their price (free) and their convenience.

Parking lots lacks activities for the kids and natural beauty of national parks, but RVers who use them feel they are part of a community of fellow campers. They observe an etiquette of keeping the lots clean and respecting their neighbors and shoppers.

Source: Coulee News
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  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    We avidly seek out Walmarts for a stopping ground when on long distance trips. Usually, it is only to sleep and to purchase supplies. It seems to be safe with security and people close by and finding one is pretty easy.

  2. Readers of popular boondocking section have long been aware of Wal-Mart parking lot attractions. See an updated (free) location list here:

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