NASA's concept for "Moon RV" boldly goes where no RV has gone before

Image source: NASA When astronauts return to the moon, a spacebound version of an RV will allow them to explore the lunar surface in comfort. This concept for a new lunar rover was revealed by NASA at the Space 2007 conference in Long Beach, California. While first lunar rovers were open to space, requiring the driver to wear a spacesuit. The new lunar rover is a rolling habitat for astronauts, climate controlled and loaded with any good RV should. The two spacesuits on the side are connected to the rover. Astronauts can climb into the suits to examine rocks and features on the surface, then climb out without the hassle of having to unpressurize the rover. This lunar RV is just a concept for now. The real version could look much different. No word if there will be new laws on the moon to restrict rover parking in front of lunar bases. Souce: Wired Blogs,, and NASA
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