Aug 29, 2007

Schedule some free time in your RV vacation

Driving an RV can be uplifting as you see the landscape roll by the windows. It also can be a frustrating one if you don't make the time for stops to see towns and sights zipping past on the highway.

The Full Time RVer blog features a story about driving an RV with appointments and deadlines looming, with little time to stop and rest.

Sometimes you are in rush to get to a destination or meet a schedule, even on a vacation, and it can't be helped. Leaving enough time for unscheduled stops and some quiet time has its rewards.
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Aug 28, 2007

Know how tall your RV is and other RV safety tips

How tall is your RV? Did you remember to factor in the height of the air conditioning unit?

It might seem like a trival item to remember, but if you come across low overpass or tunnel a few inches or feet could mean the difference between saving or ruining your vacation. offers a guide of simple tips to know when planning your RV vacation, ranging from knowing how much weight your RV can handle in cargo and people to checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Do you have a simple tip that can protect your RV? Leave a comment and tell us. We are always looking for good advice from RV veterans.
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Aug 27, 2007

Working from the road and your RV

The last thing many RVers want to do on a trip is something related to work, but some RVers find their camper is the perfect place for getting things done. With greater availblity Wi-Fi hotspots and web-based office software, your office can be anywhere now. That is a blessing or a curse depending on your point of view. The Digital RV blog features an entry on "portable professionals" and an RVers experience with working on the road. He describes what tech gear he packs for road trips and what tasks he handles from his laptop computer. There is also a link to a recent CNN article about Business in a Backpack, about another mobile worker.
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Aug 26, 2007

A simple solution to keeping your RV cool

Sometimes it is hot enough to make you uncomfortable in your RV, but not really hot enough to justify running the air conditioning unit and sucking up all that power.

If you use your RV in an arid climate, the Boondocking RV blog offers a simple solution to keeping cool using a simple damp towel and your RV vent fan.
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Aug 25, 2007

North Carolina RV park is haven for travelers who need special care

RV parks are famous for the sense of community among vacationers, like "Winter Texans" who travel miles every year to a favorite spot.

The Durham News reports on the Birchwood RV Park. Many visitors to Birchwood are on vacation and having a relaxing stay. Other residents are staying for more serious reasons.

Cancer patients travel for miles to North Carolina for treatment at Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill. The stress of illness can be compounded by finding an affordable place to stay.

The Birchwood RV park is close to the hospitals and offers reduced rates for long stays. The RV park's peaceful surroundings and friendly residents are a welcome relief for the patients and their families.
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Aug 24, 2007

California RV owners could avoid taxes again

California residents who bought RVs or yachts were able to avoid paying taxes on their purchases, if they kept their vehicles out of state for 90 days.

That loophole was closed in 2004 by California lawmakers. The LA Times reports that the law might change to bring back the exemption.

This controversial proposal could be a welcome break for RV owners and dealers. Others feel that RV owners should pay up like everyone else.
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Aug 23, 2007

New RV Trader Online site ready for beta testing

RV Trader Online will soon be launching an updated site with new features to make finding that perfect RV easier. Our new design offers an improved interface and You can try out the new RV Trader Online site at
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Aug 22, 2007

RVers are no longer "roughing it" when traveling

RVers want to experience the great outdoors when traveling, but without the hassle of "roughing it" in the wild.

The features a story on the Apple Creek Campground and the services RVers are demanding when camping.

According to the story, RVers want parks that feature electricity and amenities. RV parks are catering to the needs of their visitors, offering rec rooms, laundry services, and landscaping to make parks more attractive.

RVers are returning the favor, choosing RV parks as alternatives to hotels.
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