Airstream collaborates with Design Within Reach to create stylish trailer

Here are photos of an Airstream trailer designed in collaboration with Design Within Reach.

According to the Airstream website, Design Within Reach (or DWR) provides "easy access to well-designed modern furnishings and accessories traditionally found only in designer showrooms."

Airstream's fact sheet highlights features of the DWR trailer.

The aluminum exterior of the Airstream DWR travel trailer is instantly distinguished by its front and rear panoramic windows, stainless steel streamline moon wheel discs, signature DWR red accents, and matching custom full-length fabric awning.

The hand-crafted Airstream shell is bright and airy inside – with a fully exposed aluminum interior skin, front and rear panoramic windows, and recessed halogen ceiling lights.

The exposed aluminum Airstream interior sidewall displays a Nelson Ball Clock to great effect. This design is a modern classic – having been created back in 1947 by George Nelson, one of the founding fathers of American modernism.

You can learn more about the DWR trailer at the Airstream site.
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  1. Great story. This camper is super-cool. I totally want one. I wonder, though...won't it get evilly hot in there, like an oven, with no insulation? Did the designers plan for that?

  2. I want one too! I wonder if my Subaru Legacy wagon (not an Outback)could haul this? And I was also wondering about how hot it would get. Does the aluminum repel the sun's rays?

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