Insurance company warns of common RV owner mistakes

Getting behind the wheel of a new RV is a dream come true. Some RVers are so excited to get on the road that they forget simple safety rules.

Before you fire up the engine of that new camper, you might want to read an article on TheStatesman.com on the common mistakes of RV owners.

Progressive Insurance researched the most common errors of RV owners. The mistakes range from the silly (driving out of a campsite missing a passenger) to the expensive and potentially dangerous (miscalculating overhead or side distance.)
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  1. A good resource!

    Hard to imagine misjudging the height of your mammoth RV, never mind the width. Never really had thought to be so cautious with an RV, but I guess it makes sense :P

    Either way, thank you for posting!

  2. Anonymous3:45 PM

    This was stupid

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