May 29, 2007

Insurance company warns of common RV owner mistakes

Getting behind the wheel of a new RV is a dream come true. Some RVers are so excited to get on the road that they forget simple safety rules.

Before you fire up the engine of that new camper, you might want to read an article on on the common mistakes of RV owners.

Progressive Insurance researched the most common errors of RV owners. The mistakes range from the silly (driving out of a campsite missing a passenger) to the expensive and potentially dangerous (miscalculating overhead or side distance.)
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May 21, 2007

Traveling to 49 states by RV

The Columbus Dispatch features a profile of Joseph and Betty Knoch, who have been on the road in their RV since 2001.

The couple's journey has taken them to 49 states, even driving to Alaska.

They originally ran a small business from the RV. They eventually retired and full time travel now takes up their time.
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May 16, 2007

RV travel brings together military veterans for rally

The Hutchinson News in Hutchinson, Kansas, reports that retired military veterans are gathering at the Kansas State Fairgrounds for the 2007 SMART National Muster RV rally.

SMART stands for Smart Special Military Active Retired Travel Club, Inc.

Veterans from different branches of the military enjoy the event as a way to meet other vets who are also RVers.
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May 14, 2007

Checking the age and wear of your RV tires

Have you checked your RV tires lately? Do you know when the was the last time you had them replaced? How much millage can you safely get out of RV tires?

The Low Tech RVing Blog features an entry on checking your RV tires and watching out for wear.

Your RV tires feature ways to check when they were manufactured. Heat and UV rays can age your tires, so check them regularly.
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May 12, 2007

Conference brings together RVers in Kentucky

The Bowling Green Daily News reports on the RV Life on Wheels Conference in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The RVers gathering for the conference range from experienced full-timers to those just starting out.

Like the RVers who attend, the conference is on the move and headed for Arizona, Idaho, Pennsylvania and Iowa.
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May 11, 2007

New rules for RV parking on San Diego's Shelter Island features a story on the controversy over RV parking on Shelter Island.

RVers like free parking near the water during the day, parking their RVs elsewhere for the night, then coming back the next day.

Local businesses have complained that the RVs are taking away spaces from customers and that the RVers are staying too long.

Now the local Harbor Police are enforcing new rules on where RVs can park and how long they can stay, which has some RVers wondering if the new rules are about business or just resentment over RV travelers who enjoy the area without paying rent.
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May 1, 2007

Drive-In movies at The Hi-Way Haven RV Park

This is an overhead view of the Hi-Way Haven RV Park, located in Sutherlin, Oregon and featuring an on-site drive-in movie screen.

The screen dates back to when the site was the Cloverleaf Drive-In, which was converted into an RV park in 1986. Movies returned the to the screen in 2006 when investor Jim Remley bought the park and installed a digital projector.

Read more about the Hi-Way Haven RV Park at
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