Jan 9, 2007

TheT@B Microlite Trailer appeals to budget RVers

The latest RV models offer all the comforts of home on four wheels. Step into a new Class A or Class C and you will find more space and features than ever offered before in an RV.

But what if bigger is not better for you? Some RVers want to travel in style, but have more modest standards. RV manufacturers have not forgotten the budget RVer, making new models to suit their needs.

One such model is the T@B Microlite Travel Trailer by Dutchman, profiled on WomanMotorist.com.

The design is that of a "teardrop" trailer, which dates back to the 1930s. While the style and shape might be inspired by the past, the construction and features are 100% modern.

The new teardrop trailers are bigger than their older cousins, yet take up a fraction of the driveway space of a larger fifth wheel trailer. Older teardrop trailers were made of wood. The new Dutchman trailers are made of sturdy AluFiber, a combination of wood and fiberglass.

Think the new T@B Microlite Travel Trailer is for you? Find one today on RV Trader Online.com
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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Nice review. Are there other trailers that fit in this 'ultra-ultra lite' category?


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