Dec 5, 2006

Towable RVs make big gains with buyers

Airstream BasecampTowable RVs are the leading sellers in the RV market according to a story on Many towable RV buyers never thought they would own an RV, but the affordability and features of towables motivated them to buy.

While motorcoach RV sales have fallen 21 percent, RV sales have increased overall thanks to lightweight towable models.

Another factor in the rising popularity of towable RVs are falling SUV sales. As consumers buy smaller vehicles, they need smaller RVs to match.

Airstream is a popular choice among towable RVs brands, with models like the Basecamp.

The Basecamp appeals to buyers who bring mountain bikes and other outdoor gear along for the trip. Baby-boomer RV buyers are not slowing down in their golden years, and RVs that appeal to their go-getter attitudes are big sellers.

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