Dec 11, 2006

Alternative fuel RV crosses country for only $47 features a story on a 40 foot RV that can cross the country for only $47, powered by special converter that burns vegetable oil.

Driven by the Adler family, the "Frybrid" RV traveled from Seattle, Washington to Providence, Rhode Island in three months. The RV's fuel system is designed to take vegetable oil and filter it for use.

The vegetable oil technology used to power RVs is now being adapted for pickup truck use.
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  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    This is very interesting. Where can I get more info on this alternative fuel conversion?

  2. The Slashdot story has the details and several different links.

    The main link with details is

    Tell us more about your interest in this technology.

    Would you convert your RV to veggie oil for environmental reasons, or would you just like to save money?

    Thanks for commenting! We hope you read more of our stories.


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