Dec 28, 2006

Texas RV park is home to laid back RVers features a story on an unusual RV park in Austin, Texas.

Pecan Grove RV Park is surrounded by pricey condominiums, but is home to offbeat residents who thrive in the park’s laid-back atmosphere.

Some Pecan Grove residents are full time artists and adventurers who enjoy cheap rent. Others are visitors from distant cities who find comfort in the sense of community.

Are you a Pecan Grove resident? Do you have any stories to share about living there? Do you have a favorite RV park that has a sense of community you enjoy? Post a message below and tell us about it!
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Dec 25, 2006

Happy Holidays from RV Trader Insider


from RV Trader Insider

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Dec 24, 2006

Tech gear for travelers

Business week magazine features an article on tech gear for travelers, ranging from PDAs to Ipod accessories.

While this article is aimed primarly at business travelers, who have to deal with long airline flights or train trips, these items could be used by RVers as well.

Some of the gear in the article, such as Ipod accessories, are just for fun. Other gear, like newer and smaller laptops, are meant to enchance workplace productivty while traveling.

For many RVers, work is the last thing they want to think about on the road. A new laptop with WiFi access can find campgrounds and roadside destinations. That still counts as productivity...right?
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Dec 20, 2006

Getting your mail while on the road

RVers who spend long stretches of time on the road can use technology to stay in touch. E-mail and cell phones are easy ways to talk to family and friends. You can even pay your bills online.

But sometimes you need regular mail service for certain tasks. How do you use the mail when you are always on the move?

The Full Time RVer website features a story on how to receive mail while traveling from city to city.

Services are available that can forward your mail to where you might be traveling. Other RVers just use relatives in different cities to handle their mail.

Do you have to deal with getting mail while traveling? Any suggestions or tips on how to handle it? Leave a comment below and share you story.
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Dec 13, 2006

Explosive growth for the RV industry ahead?

According to a story on the RV Trade Digest website, the RV industry is poised for massive growth and expansion in the coming years.

The story quotes economist Barry Asmus during a speech last September at the RV Industry Association’s annual meeting.

Asmus lists six points that will give the RV industry a boost in the coming years. Among the many factors fueling growth of the RV business are an expanding US population and the entrepreneurial spirit of the business.
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Dec 12, 2006

Chariot Vans Inc. adapts to the RV market features a story on Chariot Vans Inc., a company that made the switch from making customized vans to RVs.

For any company, switching their product line is a difficult step. Realizing that the days of the customized van were numbered due to the growing popularity of SUVs, Chariot Van Inc. owner John Wisolek decided to change his company's product.

Luckily Chariot Vans Inc. were supported by top notch manufacturing facility and talented employees. So far, Chariot has been able to adapt to the RV market, with sales enabling them to expand their factory workforce.
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Dec 11, 2006

Alternative fuel RV crosses country for only $47 features a story on a 40 foot RV that can cross the country for only $47, powered by special converter that burns vegetable oil.

Driven by the Adler family, the "Frybrid" RV traveled from Seattle, Washington to Providence, Rhode Island in three months. The RV's fuel system is designed to take vegetable oil and filter it for use.

The vegetable oil technology used to power RVs is now being adapted for pickup truck use.
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Dec 8, 2006

Thor industries seeks baby boomer RVers

A leading maker of travel trailers, fifth wheels and other motor homes, Thor Industries Inc. is profiled on the Industry Week website.

Even with concern over the economy and fuel prices, Thor has seen their sales increase. Industry Week quotes a company statement that Thor's travel trailer and fifth-wheel sales were up 7% from last year, and that their motor home market share is up to 14%.

Thor is aiming for the market baby boomers and retirees, described as the industry’s “sweet spot” of 78 million people who have the money and time to devote to the RV lifestyle.

Anticipating an increase in RV demand, Thor is expanding their factory space and planning to acquire other RV manufacturers.
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Dec 6, 2006

RV Trade Show in Louisville shows off new RV products

RV Trade Digest features highlights of this year's RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Fleetwood, Winnebago, and Gulf Stream were just a few of the many manufacturers displaying their latest RVs for the coming year.

A standout at the show was National RV’s new space-saving telescoping slideout room, providing ample space inside the RV cabin, even when retracted.

Gulf Stream’s SuperNova Type C made a big impression with powerful towing capacity and Type A-like features.

Winnebago offered a new Type A motorhome with improved storage.

Business appears to have been brisk from the start of the show, generated by a positive reaction to the variety of the new products.
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Dec 5, 2006

Towable RVs make big gains with buyers

Airstream BasecampTowable RVs are the leading sellers in the RV market according to a story on Many towable RV buyers never thought they would own an RV, but the affordability and features of towables motivated them to buy.

While motorcoach RV sales have fallen 21 percent, RV sales have increased overall thanks to lightweight towable models.

Another factor in the rising popularity of towable RVs are falling SUV sales. As consumers buy smaller vehicles, they need smaller RVs to match.

Airstream is a popular choice among towable RVs brands, with models like the Basecamp.

The Basecamp appeals to buyers who bring mountain bikes and other outdoor gear along for the trip. Baby-boomer RV buyers are not slowing down in their golden years, and RVs that appeal to their go-getter attitudes are big sellers.

Looking for your own Airstream Basecamp? Find a Basecamp on RV Trader Online.

Also check RV Trader Online's wide variety of towable RVs.
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Dec 4, 2006

Heat on the road - Saunas arrive for RVs

With features ranging from deluxe kitchens to home theaters, it is hard to think of what other luxuries you could fit on an RV.

How about a Sauna?

The Grand Rapids press features a story on how Grand Packaging has developed an infrared-heated sauna, meant specifically for installation in RVs.

The unit heats to 150 degrees within 15 minutes for 60 minutes of dry heat. According to the manufacturers, the challenge was to make the sauna not only compact, but also high-efficiency, drawing power from an RV's onboard generator.

Another advantage of the RV sauna is the use of infrared heat, which heats without the danger of burning the skin.
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