Nov 13, 2006

TracNet lets RV users cruise the Internet

Wi-Fi hotspots are found everywhere, from coffee shops to bookstores. Now your RV can become a Wi-Fi hotspot with TracNet, a service profiled on

TracNet works by using cell phone services from Verizon, giving users access to the Internet from in-vehicle video screens or laptop computers. TracNet helped a user who was having a tough time finding parking for his camper van, till his daughter saved the day by finding RV friendly parking online. Boat, SUV, and car owners can use TracNet too.

There are limitations to TracNet's access. Your vehicle needs to be within range of cell towers to connect to the service. The price of $1995 plus monthly fees may be a little steep for some users.

As more RVs video screens are sold, along with use of RVs as home offices, so will the demand for RV internet access.

Are you using a service like TracNet? Do you use it for work or recreation? Tell us your story and leave a comment below!
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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this TracNet lets RV users cruise the Internet post! keep posting!:)


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