Nov 6, 2006

RV Parking becomes an issue in Burbank, California

Some residents in Burbank, California consider RVs a driving hazard, even when they are parked. According to the Burbank Leader, The Traffic and Transportation Committee of Burbank is engaged in a public discussion with residents, considering changes to the city codes governing RV parking.

Complaints about RVs in driveways range from the cosmetic, claiming that the vehicles are unsightly, to traffic visibility worries when RVs are parked near busy intersections.

RV owners respond that they have few options to store their vehicles, countering that off-site storage is scarce and costly.

For RV owners in Burbank and beyond, this is sure to be a hot issue.

What do you think? Do you keep your RV in a storage facility? What would you suggest for Burbank RV owners? Post a comment and let us know.
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  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Too many people in the states are too worried about what their neighbors are doing... I've seen lots of complaints like this and I can't understand what the problem is .. if it was in pieces or had 4 flats and trees growing out of it then it would be different... blocking sight lines or the road from a driveway? give me a break. anyone clainmging that should have to do a driving test immediately

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    The one word says it all- "California." The closer you live to a densely populated area, the higher your probability of encountering nonsense. Thank God for California because it's the nation's pollution filter which attracts the sorts of people which the rest of us would rather not live near.


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