Nov 1, 2006

Roadtrek - Canadian manufacturer puts a lot of RV in a small space

Bigger is better is the motto of many RV buyers, but not all.

The Gazette at features a profile of Roadtrek RVs, which are manufactured by Canada based Home & Park Motor homes. Roadtrek RVs might be smaller than their Class A cousins, but Roadtrek’s customers prefer their more manageable size, making Roadtrek the number one selling Class B motor home in North America.

Roadtrek RVs are created when General Motors and DaimlerChrysler vans are converted into motorhomes. The challenge for Roadtrek is to fit the accessories of a larger RV into a smaller space. New body panels and parts extend the back of the RV, giving the Roadtrek its distinctive raised fiberglass roof.

Roadtrek seems to be experiencing a similar shift in customers that other RV makers are. While most of Roadtrek's customers are over 50, younger buyers are now buying RVs too.

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  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    August 20, 2008

    Open Letter to

    Mr. Douglas Porter
    Quality Assurance Manager
    Roadtrek Motorhomes, Inc.

    Mr. Chris Deacons
    Roadtrek Motorhomes, Inc.

    Ms Sherri Allen
    General Manager and Controller
    Leisure Time RV

    Dear Managers:

    In February 2006, we purchased a 2005 Roadtrek 210-Popular from the original owners. The vehicle now has about 17,000 miles.

    After being stuck in the sand at a beach, he noticed the battery drawer would not open. I contacted Roadtrek about repair of the drawer. Roadtrek referred me to Leisure Time RV of Winter Garden, FL, their local Authorized Dealer, for repair. Even though Roadtrek provided instructions for a probable repair at lower cost, the dealer told me the only way to get the drawer open would be to break it, then replace it with a new drawer and face panel. The cost of the repair, including the two-tone paint and taxes, would be over $1,600.00.

    The repairs were completed in late May. When I picked up the Roadtrek, the Leisure Time RV employee checked the batteries and said they were OK.

    In early August, I tried to open the drawer for maintenance and found it was stuck again. Leisure Time said the drawer was stuck because the battery had leaked and caused the metal brackets to weld together. The Leisure Time employee said I could have prevented this issue with proper maintenance, and gave me a form with the manufacturer’s instructions. The instructions said to lubricate the drawer brackets every three months.

    When I told the Leisure Time employee that I discovered the problem when I was trying to do the three-month maintenance, he said I should have done the maintenance sooner. In addition, he said the only way the dealer would help would be to replace the drawer again, for another $1,600.00. He also said Roadtrek changed the design of the drawer because they had so many problems.

    I contacted Roadtrek and spoke with a Warranty and Parts Specialist. He told me the customer is responsible for the maintenance as described in the manual. He said Roadtrek does not guarantee work by its Authorized Dealers, and that the Roadrek warranty for parts is thirty days. Regarding the specifics of our complaint, he said the battery issue was between the dealer and me. He said Roadtrek had no control over their Authorized Dealers, would not be responsible for the instructions they issued, and would not become involved. He also said once a part is repaired/replaced outside of the warranty, the warranty for that part is voided. No one had previously told me the part was excluded from warranty.

    I have made several calls to both companies seeking help. However, the Management of Roadtrek and of Leisure Time RV in Winter Garden have not returned my many phone calls.

    I look forward to a call from any of them to resolve my matter.

    John L. Moudy
    Business Manager
    TM2, Inc.
    Lake Mary, FL 32746


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