Nov 14, 2006

More RVers than ever are traveling with their pets

RVs offer their owners the comforts of home, ranging from air conditioning, Internet access, and high-definition home theater.

Now RVers are bringing another comfort of home along for the ride: their pets.

According to a story on The Gainesville Times website, 19% of travelers are bringing their pets with them on the trip. More hotels and resorts are allowing pets to stay with guests, up 28% since 1999 according to the American Auto Association.

RVs allow for more flexibility when traveling with pets, but some animals might require some adjusting to life on the road. One RVing couple brings their cats along on their travels. To help the felines adjust to the RV environment before a trip, they spend a night in the RV’s cabin while parked in the driveway.

The story also features a handy checklist on what to bring for your pet on you RV journey.

Do you travel with your dog or cat in your RV? How do you prepare your RV for your pets? Leave a comment below and share your story.
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