Oct 27, 2006

Working from your RV - Home offices hit the road with Datastorm

Having to work while on vacation sounds dreary. Who wants to be looking at a laptop screen while you are out in the great outdoors?

More RVers are changing the nature of work and RV travel. They are hitting the road with their work, integrating traveling and their jobs.

The Kerrville Daily Times features a story about the Prescotts, a retired couple who use their RV as a rolling office, financing their travels with editing textbooks online. They use an onboard satellite system called DataStorm to link up with Internet access, telephone, and TV signals to stay connected and working.

Beyond work and web surfing, DataStorm users are now building a community of RVers to organize during emergencies like Hurricane Katrina.

Do you work from your RV? Do you use a DataStorm system to keep connected? Leave a comment or send us an E-mail and tell us your story. We want to hear how you blend travel and work with your RV.

Looking to travel and stay connected? RVs with DataStorm systems are featured on RV Trader Online.
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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Staying connected while I'm traveling (even if I'm supposedly on vacation) is critical. When I was shopping for a USB adapter, I chose the Wi-Fire from hfield.com.

    I chose it over the bulkier adapters and satellites because it's so convenient to carry. It's small enough to rest on the screen of my laptop and carry in the side pocket of my computer case. The gadget has a USB adapter with a 10.4 dBi high gain directional antenna, so I get a strong signal at much further distances than with my internal.


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