Oct 19, 2006

Welcome RV Trader Insider - The Official RV Blog of RV Trader Online!

The RV Trader Insider is ready to travel the Internet in search of RV news and adventure. As we roll along, we would like to tell you about who we are, why we have an RV blog, and how you can help us make this blog part of the RV community.

What is a blog?

A “blog” is an online diary or journal written by a “blogger” to inform others about a particular subject. “Blogging” is when a person uses a blog to share their thoughts and ideas. Businesses use blogs to inform their customers about their services and official news. Others use blogs to create online communities, where individuals with a common interest come together to communicate. The “Blogosphere” refers to the world of all bloggers, or bloggers in a particular community or subject, like sports, politics, or pop culture.

What is RV Trader Insider?

RV Trader Insider is the official blog of RV Trader Online.

RVTraderOnline.com is owned and operated by Trader Publishing Company. Formed in 1991, Trader Publishing Company is the nation's leading publisher of specialty classified advertising publications. RV Trader Online serves private parties wanting to buy and sell used RVs, yet also serves as a forum for dealers and brokers to advertise their vehicles for sale.

Trader's print magazines, like RV Trader, are distributed through hundreds of thousands of distribution points in most of the United States.

What does RV Trader Insider do?

The RV Trader Insider seeks to travel the World Wide Web to inform and create an online community for RV buyers and sellers, RV dealers, and all who are interested in RVs.

We hope our readers will use RV Trader Online’s services to buy and sell RVs, but we also wish to contribute to the online RV community through sharing news and information, not just about RV Trader Online, but the recreational vehicles of all types.

If you are a RV buyer, RV seller, own an RV dealership, or just like to read about RVs, we want you to enjoy our RV blog and offer your comments and feedback.

What do we blog about on RV Trader Insider?

While the RV community has so many issues and topics to cover, we want our focus to be on buying and selling both new and used RVs.

For RV owners, the RV is more than just a vehicle, it is their home away from home. RVers live and even work from their RV. Senior RV owners are spending their golden years on the open road. Baby boomers are hitting the road and not looking to slow down anytime soon. Even young families are discovering the RV lifestyle, taking their kids along for the ride.

RVs are riding the wave of high-tech innovation, now often equiped with Wi-Fi Internet access, satellite TV and radio and GPS navigation.

But world of RVs is more than just vehicles and technology, it is the people who use them and who have their own stories. We hope to use our RV blog to share their stories too.

You can help RV Trader Insider!

Do you like our stories? Do you have ideas for RV blog stories? Are you a RVer who has a blog? There are other RV bloggers out there, and we want to hear from you!

You can click on the little speech balloon under each story on our blog and leave a comment. Please be polite and write a comment related to the story.

You can also contact us at rvblog@traderonline.com. Send us your story ideas and comments.

If you have a RV blog, let us know about it! We want to know who is writing about RVs in the blogosphere. Even if you don’t have a blog, if you find an interesting RV related site or news story, send us a link. We need your help and contributions to keep this blog rolling.

If you have a RV blog, feel free to link to us! We can’t promise that we will link back, but if you find your blog informative and complies with our standards, chances are strong we’ll return the favor.

So let’s get rolling! There’s a big road ahead of us.
Trader Online Web Developer

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  1. I wanted to look for Avion Class B RVs on your site, but you do not have Avion listed as a make. I have seen them advertised in MotorHome magazine. They are a factory direct manufacturer. there website is avionvans.com. I would like to be able to see what used ones are selling for.


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