RV helps service reach out to job seekers

RVs are used by most people as an escape from work, carrying their drivers to vacations and relaxation. The Herald Tribune features a story of the The Jobs Etc. RV, an RV that helps people find work and serves as a rolling job placement service.

Equipped with 13 workstations, Microsoft office software, and a screen for outdoor presentations, the RV serves as Jobs Etc. office away from the office, connecting with employment-seekers in the field.

The RV helps workers who are facing layoffs, suffering a job loss due to a natural disaster, or just need to polish up their resume.

The Jobs Etc. RV is shows how an RV can be turned from vacation shelter to a more business-oriented purpose.

Do you work for a business or a government agency and use an RV? How did you adapt it to your use? Leave a comment or send us an E-mail at and share your story.
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