Oct 23, 2006

Generation RV - Younger buyers change the RV Market

If you think of a vehicle painted with funky dark flames, decked out with a high powered stereo, Ipod hookups, a sleek metal interior, and a name like Nitrous, you probably envision a slick new car aimed at young buyers from Scion or Toyota.

Actually, it's an RV...made by Fleetwood. Surprised?

According to an article on the Hardford Courant site, members of Generation X (born between roughly 1960 and 1978) are the newest RV customers, and manufacturers have responded with new models such at the Nitrous.

In the past, RV dealers had expected buyers to be silver-haired senior citizens or newly retired baby boomers. Now RV buyers are hitting the road in their in their 30s and even 20s, and manufacturers are meeting demand with new styles and models.

These new RV consumers want sleeker, stylish RVs and room for their toys, like dirt bikes, custom choppers, and High Definition TVs. Younger RV owners are bypassing quiet campgrounds, taking their campers to football lot parties and into the desert for remote camping.

Are you a new generation of RV owner? Want to share your tales of adventure? Post a comment and tell us about it! Or check out the other Fleetwood RVs and the Nitrous on RV Trader Online.
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