Oct 30, 2006

RV helps service reach out to job seekers

RVs are used by most people as an escape from work, carrying their drivers to vacations and relaxation. The Herald Tribune features a story of the The Jobs Etc. RV, an RV that helps people find work and serves as a rolling job placement service.

Equipped with 13 workstations, Microsoft office software, and a screen for outdoor presentations, the RV serves as Jobs Etc. office away from the office, connecting with employment-seekers in the field.

The RV helps workers who are facing layoffs, suffering a job loss due to a natural disaster, or just need to polish up their resume.

The Jobs Etc. RV is shows how an RV can be turned from vacation shelter to a more business-oriented purpose.

Do you work for a business or a government agency and use an RV? How did you adapt it to your use? Leave a comment or send us an E-mail at rvblog@traderonline.com and share your story.
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Oct 27, 2006

Working from your RV - Home offices hit the road with Datastorm

Having to work while on vacation sounds dreary. Who wants to be looking at a laptop screen while you are out in the great outdoors?

More RVers are changing the nature of work and RV travel. They are hitting the road with their work, integrating traveling and their jobs.

The Kerrville Daily Times features a story about the Prescotts, a retired couple who use their RV as a rolling office, financing their travels with editing textbooks online. They use an onboard satellite system called DataStorm to link up with Internet access, telephone, and TV signals to stay connected and working.

Beyond work and web surfing, DataStorm users are now building a community of RVers to organize during emergencies like Hurricane Katrina.

Do you work from your RV? Do you use a DataStorm system to keep connected? Leave a comment or send us an E-mail and tell us your story. We want to hear how you blend travel and work with your RV.

Looking to travel and stay connected? RVs with DataStorm systems are featured on RV Trader Online.
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Oct 24, 2006

Choosing an RV - Wait to buy big...or buy small now?

Baby boomers are big buyers of RVs, but some are deciding to hold off on their purchases for now.

According ot the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, boomers are retiring and want to hit the road in luxury RVs, but high fuel prices and borrowing costs are making some think twice.

RV sales surge when interest rates are low and consumer confidence is high. Uncertainty about the economy and future fuel prices appear to be dampening some buyers enthusiasm.

RV industry analysts hope that sales will be brighter down the road, as more consumers in the 55 and 64 age bracket retire.

Yet some RV buyers are not waiting, buying smaller and more efficient RVs that can be towed with a Sports Utility Vehicle, or chosing to rent rather than buy.

Are you a hesitant RV buyer? What will be your choice? Will you hold off and buy a big RV...or buy a smaller one now? Is renting the way to go for you? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.
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Oct 23, 2006

Generation RV - Younger buyers change the RV Market

If you think of a vehicle painted with funky dark flames, decked out with a high powered stereo, Ipod hookups, a sleek metal interior, and a name like Nitrous, you probably envision a slick new car aimed at young buyers from Scion or Toyota.

Actually, it's an RV...made by Fleetwood. Surprised?

According to an article on the Hardford Courant site, members of Generation X (born between roughly 1960 and 1978) are the newest RV customers, and manufacturers have responded with new models such at the Nitrous.

In the past, RV dealers had expected buyers to be silver-haired senior citizens or newly retired baby boomers. Now RV buyers are hitting the road in their in their 30s and even 20s, and manufacturers are meeting demand with new styles and models.

These new RV consumers want sleeker, stylish RVs and room for their toys, like dirt bikes, custom choppers, and High Definition TVs. Younger RV owners are bypassing quiet campgrounds, taking their campers to football lot parties and into the desert for remote camping.

Are you a new generation of RV owner? Want to share your tales of adventure? Post a comment and tell us about it! Or check out the other Fleetwood RVs and the Nitrous on RV Trader Online.
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Oct 19, 2006

Welcome RV Trader Insider - The Official RV Blog of RV Trader Online!

The RV Trader Insider is ready to travel the Internet in search of RV news and adventure. As we roll along, we would like to tell you about who we are, why we have an RV blog, and how you can help us make this blog part of the RV community.

What is a blog?

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What is RV Trader Insider?

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RVTraderOnline.com is owned and operated by Trader Publishing Company. Formed in 1991, Trader Publishing Company is the nation's leading publisher of specialty classified advertising publications. RV Trader Online serves private parties wanting to buy and sell used RVs, yet also serves as a forum for dealers and brokers to advertise their vehicles for sale.

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What does RV Trader Insider do?

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We hope our readers will use RV Trader Online’s services to buy and sell RVs, but we also wish to contribute to the online RV community through sharing news and information, not just about RV Trader Online, but the recreational vehicles of all types.

If you are a RV buyer, RV seller, own an RV dealership, or just like to read about RVs, we want you to enjoy our RV blog and offer your comments and feedback.

What do we blog about on RV Trader Insider?

While the RV community has so many issues and topics to cover, we want our focus to be on buying and selling both new and used RVs.

For RV owners, the RV is more than just a vehicle, it is their home away from home. RVers live and even work from their RV. Senior RV owners are spending their golden years on the open road. Baby boomers are hitting the road and not looking to slow down anytime soon. Even young families are discovering the RV lifestyle, taking their kids along for the ride.

RVs are riding the wave of high-tech innovation, now often equiped with Wi-Fi Internet access, satellite TV and radio and GPS navigation.

But world of RVs is more than just vehicles and technology, it is the people who use them and who have their own stories. We hope to use our RV blog to share their stories too.

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