5 Things to Consider When Financing an RV

RVs make for the ultimate road trip vehicles, allowing owners to bypass hotels, restaurants, and other costly vacation expenses. This can make vacations more affordable, fun, and convenient. For these reasons, more people than ever are hitting the road in their tiny vacation home on wheels and loving every second of it. However, this freedom and relaxation comes at a price.


Boondocking Basics

If you have been a member of the RVing community for any length of time, you may have heard the word “boondocking” tossed around amongst other RVers. If you are wondering what boondocking is, then this post is for you. Here, we’ll be discussing boondocking basics and all the reasons why so many RVers enjoy it so much.

Your January RV News Fix

A new year brings new RV headlines and - and as always - we’re here to fill you in on the latest and greatest stories. From new towable units to awesome camper vans at this weekend’s Florida RV Supershow - we’ve got all the news you need to know in this edition of “Your RV News Fix.”

FMCA Tech Tip: 5 Tips to Make RV Service Less Stressful

It’s time again for RV service. You explain your problem to the service writer, sign the repair order, grab a cup of coffee and wait. And wait, and wait and wait.


FMCA Tech Tip: Cold-Weather Camping Tips

Not all RVers go into hibernation or head for warmer climates. Some embrace the winter weather and plan activities that involve RV trips. Sledding, skiing, winter hiking… All of these are more pleasant when you know that you have a warm RV waiting for you at the end of the day’s adventure. However, some special preparations and precautions need to be taken. Here a few tips for winter RV trips.