RV driveway parking restrictions in California city could be decided by voters

Is an RV parked in a driveway an eyesore? Depends on who you ask. While many RV owners park their RVs in storage facilities by choice, some residents of Antioch, California would like to make it a local law.

This Tuesday, the Antioch City Council could decide to let voters make the final decision on where RVs can and cannot park.

According to the Bethel Island Press...

The City Council is slated to decide on Tuesday whether to place on the Feb. 5, 2008 ballot a measure asking Antioch residents whether recreational vehicles should be allowed to be parked in driveways.

In a city that has grappled with numerous contentious issues in the past year, the RV issue has been at or near the top, as angry RV owners packed the council chambers on several occasions, demanding the right to park their boats, trailers and motor homes on their own property.

There has also been a minority of speakers asking that their neighborhoods be free of the visual blight and clutter of these vehicles.

The possible ballot measure reads like this...

“Shall an ordinance be adopted to prohibit the storage of any RV, trailer, camper or boat in any front or side yard in a residential district except when: 1) parked in a side or rear yard on an approved surface and behind a 6-foot opaque fence; or 2) loading or unloading the vehicle 24 hours before or after a trip; or 3) the vehicle is the sole means of transportation for occupants of the dwelling?”

It is hoped that the issue can be settled without putting it on a ballot, which could cost the city $88,000.

Source: Bethel Island Press
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  1. In our neighborhood in Hillsboro, Oregon we are not allowed to park our motor home over night. It has become hard to load and unload and decided to leave it in Arizona for the summer. It worked out beautifully. We are selling it this year so we can travel by airplane to places around the world. Love the blog. Thank you.


  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    This is what happens when Constitutional rights (i.e. The Fourth Amendment)is breached by ignorant people - and direct democracy (i.e. gang rule) becomes law. Living in a rural area never sounded so good.

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