Vintage RVs We Love

New RVs are great - they come with fabulous new technology, and I swear - some of them look like luxury mansions! But, you can’t deny that vintage RVs have a certain allure to them too - and when they’ve been remodeled to bring together their vintage style with a modern design - well, to be honest, we’re in love. We’ve found five vintage RVs (ok - ones from 2006, so maybe not super vintage) that combine the best of both worlds.

Starting with the pop of green in the awning that carries through to the counters inside - the minimalist design in this unit feels like the design meant for the all-chrome Airstream. We are also impressed that they managed to get two twin beds in here - as well as a work space. Sleek and streamlined. 

The outside of this unit definitely leaves something to the imagination - but once you open that front door, the white walls and light blue accents give this unit a wonderfully light and airy feel. We love the full sized shower and ample seating space.

The combination of black, red, and metallics in this unit make it feel like a luxury apartment. By using the same tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom - there’s a nice continuity throughout - and for those who might want to work on the road, this unit also has a great work area, complete with huge windows perfect for bringing the outside indoors.

Full of warm colors and interesting fabrics - this unit has a fun and eclectic vibe to it. We love the shape of the kitchen - and can completely imagine having friends or family pull up a stool while we cook or enjoy a late afternoon cocktail. We don’t get to see the bedroom or bathroom in this one, but we have high hopes that they are just as nice as the main space.

The back half of this RV is completely updated - with beautiful grey cabinets, light countertops, and funky accent colors - but the front half still needs a little work. But this could be the perfect first unit to try your hand at flipping - all you have to do is finish the great work that’s already been started.

If you are looking to flip a vintage RV of your own from start to finish - we think this one would be perfect! The outside looks like it’s in great condition - and you could even paint the cabinets to keep costs down! Add in some nice new fabric and you’ll be well on your way. 

Some things, actually, most things, get better with age - and we certainly think these RVs did. We didn’t get to see them in their heyday - but we love where they’ve ended up.


Unexpectedly Cool Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Accessories! We love them and even though one big perk of RVing is having everything you need right there in one neat package - there are always fun and unique things that can add to the experience. These particular accessories aren’t run of the mill - and might not be a must have - but they certainly piqued our interest.

#1: Waterproof Socks 

These are one item you don’t think you need - until you really need them. And depending on your plans - maybe hiking through a river or getting caught in a rainstorm - these could be a must to any outdoorsy trip. 

#2: A Cooler to Beat All Others

This thing literally has it all. It’s a cooler - but it does so much more than that - it has a cutting board, a radio, AND a blender. Pack this bad boy up and you are good for a day at the beach, by the lake, or just hanging at the campground. We know you have a fridge in your rig - but this is just too cool to pass up.

#3: A Wearable Sleeping Bag

Again - this is not something we would have thought of - but ultimately love. This would be perfect for a night sitting outside the rig, enjoying a campfire. This is basically a full body down coat - and we love that it keeps your feet free so you can get up if you need. 

#4: A Collapsible Hot Tub

Ok - we realize this is a bit extravagant - but we couldn’t leave it off the list. It’s just too amazing. This takes your RVing experience to a whole new level. Without water - the tub and heating coil are only fifty pounds, so very portable - and you could set this up literally anywhere. Warm weather or cold - this would be a great addition to any rig. 

#5: An Add-A-Room Awning

Not that you don’t have enough space already inside your rig - but this awning will give you some extra privacy, keep the bugs away, and bring the inside, out! This might even be a great place to sleep on a warm evening. 

Bonus #6: Aquaglide Inflatable Swim Platform

This is a bonus item since summer is still a few months away - but it doesn’t hurt to dream about the warmer months, right? Tie this to a tree near a lake or stake it to the beach - and you have a great place to float while dangling your feet in the water to keep cool. We just love how much space it has!

Like we said - you might not need all of these - but you have to admit they are pretty awesome. Maybe one or two would be worth a splurge?


Last Minute Gift Ideas

Where has the year gone? I swear it seems like we had less time between the holidays this year- and my long shopping list proves it. Just in case you’re in the same boat, we’ve put together a wide variety of gifts that any RVer - or future RVer - would love. And since we know that thinking of the perfect present is half the battle - we hope this takes some of that stress off your plate. 

For the Kids

Let’s be honest, we all want more RVers in our lives - so why not start them out young? Land of Nod has the cutest stuff for little ones to help them dream about RVing from the very beginning. 

For the Grill Master

We all have to eat while we’re out on the road - so for those of us who prefer to grill these products from REI will make sure that you’re still getting a gourmet meal.

For the Glamper

Now tent campers may say that RVing is already a form of glamping - but what do they know? For the glamorous among us - these items will definitely spruce up any camp site - taking it to new, over the top levels.

For the Hiker

We know the weather’s a bit chilly out these days (cough - understatement - cough) - but these things will help get you ready for warmer weather and great days spent out of the trail.

The holidays are definitely upon us - so we hope this list inspires you, while helping you relax and focus on spending time with your loved ones. If you need some more ideas - we’ve created a whole Pinterest board for you to check out with additional choices.

Inside Games for Winter Weather

One great thing about summertime is that when the little ones start to get restless - you can send them outside to hunt for bugs, run around, or just generally entertain themselves. But the colder winter weather can throw a wrench in that - so to make sure you survive the “inside months” with your sanity, we’ve put together a list of easy games. They don’t require too many supplies and you can whip them out at a moment's notice for a little family fun (we’ve also put them in order of least amount of supplies needed to most amount of supplies needed - just for fun).

Flying School

So this is really a two-part activity. First, you can spend time making the perfect paper airplane and then you can compete to see who can get the most points in flying school. As you can see - materials are minimal, just a few pieces of computer paper and one larger piece of construction paper and you are all set.

Target Golf

Another equally easy project - take any old box and cut various size windows in the front of it, labeling each one with a different point system. If you don’t happen to have golf clubs on hand - you could easily turn this into a ball rolling game that would provide just as much competition and fun.

Saran Wrap Ball

This one requires a little more pre-planning, but nothing a trip to the Dollar Store or a local convenience or grocery store couldn’t quickly fix. Basically, you start with a prize and some saran wrap - and you just start wrapping, stuffing more candy and toys between the layers of saran wrap. Once you have a decent size ball - hand it over to the little ones to unravel. Each time they reach a treat - they pass the ball onto someone else, until all the prizes are gone. How fun does this one sound?!?

Marble Race Track

So depending on what supplies you have left over from summer, you might not need to get anything for this - but you have to have a pool noodle. Once you have that - this is a super easy project. Cut the noodle in half and put one end on a higher surface . Next you need to connect it to a show box at the bottom - and send the marbles flying down.

Laundry Basket Skee Ball

If you have multiple laundry baskets hanging around - this game requires nearly no additional supplies. You will have to make a launch ramp - but it’s as simple as cutting open a cereal box to curve inside a shoe box. Once that’s done - set the baskets up at varying lengths and go for it!

Honestly, as we were writing this - we realized these games could be just as much for adults - and we may or may not be getting ready to play Flying School as we speak. So regardless of who you choose to play them with - we hope you enjoy!

Snowy Destinations

Whether you live in a naturally snowy climate or just pine for one these destinations are great spots to truly enjoy the winter weather. The three spots we picked out all have a unique charm to them - but are not the big resorts you’ve likely heard so much about.

Mammoth, CA
Mammoth is a great destination for skiers and non-skiers alike. The mountain itself has more open terrain to explore than any other ski resort in the country - which is impressive. And, if that wasn’t great enough - it is also known for being uncharacteristically sunny throughout the year - with more than 300 days of sunshine on average.

If you aren’t up for skiing, you can check out the Village at Mammoth Mountain - which is full of cute shops and restaurants - or ride the Gondola up to the mountain’s summit for some breathtaking views of the snow covered surroundings.

If you’re looking for a day trip - check out June Mountain Lake - which is possibly more beautiful in the winter than it is during the summer.

Midway, UT
Make sure you pack your bathing suit…is typically a recommendation you would expect to find in an article about the best snowy destinations - but you’ll definitely need one for this stop. The Homestead Crater is a hot spring found inside a 55 foot tall limestone rock and was slowly formed by the melting snow. The coolest - and possibly creepiest - part is that the crater is completely dark. They do have some lights, but overall, it’s dark water. To get a better view - you can even look into scuba diving there. Afterward, hike to the top of the limestone rock to see a view of all Herber Valley - which includes Herber City, Midway, and Daniel - and take a look down on the hot spring and swimmers below.

Steamboat Springs, CO
Steamboard Springs, in our opinion, has one of the cutest ski villages around. This particular town is bustling throughout the year with great events and festivals, including a Hot Air Balloon Rodeo.

In the winter, Steamboat is known for their “champagne powder” - the term coined to describe their light, fluffy snow. After hitting the slopes - should you choose to - the Yampa River Core Trail is a great pastime. It runs from one side of Steamboat to the other along the frozen river. As you walk along the trail - it kind of feels like you’re walking through a winter wonderland.

Wondering where Steamboat Springs got its name? From the hot springs that are found throughout the surrounding area, of course! There are two famous ones - the Old Town Hot Springs and the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Both are relatively close to downtown Steamboat - and would be great to relax in after a busy day in the wintery weather.

Winter weather doesn’t last that long - so make sure to plan a trip to enjoy these snowy destinations that are guaranteed to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a real-life snow globe.