3 Easy Hacks to Improve Your RV's Gas Mileage

Buying an RV is far more than just a commitment to hit America's highways once every so often; it's an entirely new way of life. Unfortunately, this new lifestyle doesn't often come with a how to guide, and beginners will often make mistakes that can negatively affect their trips or even cost them money. A few of these mistakes can reduce the RV's gas mileage, which will turn into an ongoing expense. Luckily, the following tips can help you hack your way to better gas mileage.

1. Adjust Your Driving Style

When you buy an RV, you will learn quickly that your driving style can have a huge effect on your miles per gallon ratio. Fortunately, it's easy to change these habits and changing just one can increase fuel economy by up to 7 percent.
The first rule of driving an RV is to not accelerate too quickly from a dead stop. "Flooring it" can greatly reduce fuel economy, so a gradual buildup of speed is best. Similarly, going too fast can expend more gas. Every 5 miles per hour over 50, for instance, can end up costing an additional $0.17 per gallon.
Using cruise control will also be beneficial since it prevents variable speeds, which can use up more gas. And finally, avoid idling for too long. Shutting off the engine while waiting for trains or drawbridges is often more economical than idling for long periods of time.

2. Check Tire Pressure

Maintaining an appropriate tire pressure is one of the easiest, yet most overlooked, methods of increasing an RV's gas mileage. In fact, properly inflated tires can increase an RV's mileage by up to 3 percent. To ensure you get an accurate reading, tires should be checked before traveling for more than a mile.
In addition to improved fuel economy, proper tire pressure can also reduce wear and tear on RV wheels. This means they'll need to be replaced less often, and it will also reduce the likelihood of a blowout or tire failure. For those who simply can't remember to do this, having a tire monitoring system installed will be just as effective.

3. Ensure Appropriate Maintenance

Performing periodic service on an RV is also essential to improving fuel mileage. Replacing a dirty air filter, for instance, can increase an RV's mileage by up to 10 percent. It's also important to ensure that synthetic oil is used when getting an oil change, which can increase fuel economy by more than 2 percent.
The two biggest fuel expenditures you face as an RV owner are an improperly tuned motor home and faulty oxygen sensors.  A tune up can literally increase fuel economy by up to 20 percent, and a faulty oxygen sensor can reduce mileage by up to 40 percent. Proper and routine maintenance can ensure you catch these issues before they ruin your gas mileage.
There are a variety of ways you can save money while enjoying your new hobby; increasing fuel economy is just one of these money-saving methods. For more money-saving tips and other helpful RV guides, sign up for our newsletter to have helpful hints delivered straight to your inbox.

RVTrader.com Launches Innovative Website Design

RV dealers can jumpstart their business following today’s launch of the newly redesigned RVTrader.com website. The new design focuses on a simplified user interface and aims to increase leads for RV dealers. RV Trader is a division of Dominion Enterprises.
Consumer buying habits and expectations have changed, and RV Trader has taken a proactive approach to meet and exceed these expectations. In today’s digital world, mobile and tablet ads have become a critical success factor for RV dealerships. Research shows that buyers utilize their desktop, mobile and tablet devices when researching a product. Nearly 50% of RV Trader’s website visits come from mobile and tablet devices.
One of the key benefits of the new website is its responsive design, which creates a streamlined user experience on all devices. Whether buyers are looking for their dream RV on their desktop, tablet or phone, they can expect the same quality experience. This responsive design will also create a nice boost in SEO rankings, resulting in even more visitors to RVTrader.com.
To learn more about how this new design can help your dealership, contact RV Trader at (866) 871-6644 or talk to your sales rep now.
About Dominion Enterprises RV Trader is a division of Dominion Enterprises, a leading marketing services and publishing company serving the automotive, recreational and commercial vehicle, real estate, apartment rental, parenting, and travel industries. Headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, with 3,300 employees in the United States, Canada, England, Spain and Italy, the company provides a comprehensive suite of technology-based marketing solutions, and more than 45 market leading websites. Millions of For Rent® and HotelCoupons.com® publications are distributed across the U.S. each year. For more information, visit DominionEnterprises.com.

FRVTA Tampa Summer Show Draws Thousands

Summer vacation planning was made easy as families turned out to the Florida State Fairgrounds for the Tampa Bay Summer RV Show, June 18-21. Sponsored by the Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) Region 3, this show was billed as the only summer RV show in the state and 95% of it was held indoors in air-conditioned comfort, the FRVTA said in a press release.
The show featured new and used units from 10 RV dealers and more than 50 supplier booths.
The entire Expo Hall, Entertainment Hall and a few outdoor spaces made up the RV display areas.
“We were fortunate that most of the show was indoors as hot weather and a little rain made it a great weekend to spend indoors,” said FRVTA Regional Show Coordinator Patty Flanagan. “It was great to see so many families on Saturday and on Father’s Day, it looks like the future of the RV Industry is alive and well.”
Just under 4,000 people came out to the show and they did more than just kick tires. Dealers reported great interest and good sales for the weekend. “Summer is usually the time of year that our dealers take a break, but with shipments up, gas prices down and interest rates the best they will be, our dealers wanted to strike while the iron was hot,” Flanagan said.
The following RV dealers participated: America Choice RV, Arrow RV. Camping World, Dream RV, General RV, Harberson RV, Lazydays, Optimum RV, RV World of Lakeland and Tampa RV.
Admission was $4 for adults and children under 16 got in for free. Seniors received $1 off admission on Thursday, while first responders and military personnel (active and retired) received $1 off admission on Friday and dads got $1 off on Father’s Day.
For more information contact the FRVTA at (813) 741-0488 or visit their website at frvta.org.
This article originally appeared on RVBusiness.com.

The all-new IGNITE toy hauler by LIVIN LITE

The all-new IGNITE toy hauler by LIVIN LITE not only features some of the most eye catching graphics ever seen on a trailer, but is constructed of all-aluminum and composites, allowing it to be pulled by half-ton trucks and larger SUVS.  That makes the IGNITE a great value for young families on the go who may not have a larger truck that is required to pull most traditionally built toy haulers.  

Ranging in size from 24’ to 30’, with numerous flooplans including private bedroom models, the exciting IGNITE toy hauler comes in either a neon-green and blue or an orange flame color scheme, both featuring high-definition graphics that run the length of the coach.  Though the entire structure of the IGNITE features tubular aluminum framing, the interior cabinetry is covered with beautifully-crafted hardwood doors giving it a look and feel of a traditionally built coach, while underneath consumers will note the aluminum structure. 

Popular features include a generator, gas-fill system, and numerous sleeping options including fold-up sofas and dinettes, as well as happijac electronic beds/seating and more.   LIIVN LITE has always been known for their ultra lightweight, long-lasting construction, but with the addition of hardwood cabinet doors, linoleum flooring in the living areas and solid surface countertops, the IGNITE brand is taking ultra lightweight to a new level of luxury and appeal.   
IGNITE toy haulers retail for between $32,000 and $45,000 and can be found at your nearest LIVIN LITE dealer.  For more information, visit www.LIVINLITE.com

Voltage 3970 “Black Label Edition,” Like No Other RV

Luxury toy haulers are designed to stand out and inspire awe in anyone who looks at them.  The Voltage 3970 “Black Label Edition” does just that, and then some.  Voltage toy haulers make you feel right at home with spacious floor plans and all the amenities you need. 

                The 3970 features a spacious seating arrangement with cross conversation seating and direct view of the TV and entertainment center.  This is perfect for social gatherings or a relaxing movie theater- like experience.  One feature that will enhance your social gatherings or movie nights is the whisper quiet air-conditioning system.  The upgraded AC system is 70% quieter than the standard AC system.  You’ll feel right at home and never have to talk over the AC system.

                No expense was spared when it came to the kitchen in the 3970.  It boasts all the amenities your favorite chef cannot live without.  Some of which include tons of countertop space, a huge pantry, and an 18.0 cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator.  Added value can be seen in the quartz countertops, cherry hardwood cabinetry, and oversized stainless steel sink. 

                The bedroom and bathroom will make you forget you are in an RV.  The bedroom features a king bed, huge walk in closet, washer dryer prep, and a 32” TV with entertainment center.   The bathroom features a vessel bowl sink, hard surface countertops and plenty of room to prepare for your day.  There is also a huge fiberglass shower that is recessed 8” into the floor, giving our customers more head room, as well as the possibility of taking a bath. 

Our most breathtaking and rare option yet can be seen on the exterior of the model.  The “Black Label Edition” is a limited run of a black on black matte finish exterior paint scheme.  While also offering superior protection, this unique paint scheme ensures no other RV out there looks like your 2016 Voltage 3970.

To find out more about the Voltage 3970 “Black Label Edition,” visit www.dutchmen.com.

Denali Continues to Innovate

The Denali team is excited to announce the release of the 280LBS fifth wheel.  The 280LBS offers a unique floor plan with a creative new take on the loft bunk area, as well as a list of interior and exterior upgrades not commonly found in a brand at its aggressive price point.

One of the top features of the 280LBS is the very unusual and functional bunk area featuring an elevated L-shaped loft for maximum sleeping and comfort space.  Below the loft is a private sunken bedroom with two more bunks.  There is also a “pac and play” door in the private bunk bedroom for added storage access from the outside.

The features don’t stop at the bunk area.  The living area has a super slide that incorporates an over-sized U-dinette and upgraded tri-fold sleeper.  Both pieces of furniture provide exceptional comfort as well as additional sleeping space.  You will have all the kitchen storage you need with huge overhead cabinets, deep storage drawers and a double door pantry.   The bathroom features an upgraded porcelain toilet and a neo-angled glass shower for maximum comfort and convenience.  The bedroom utilizes a flat floor platform for maximum foot space, headroom and storage.  A wardrobe slide puts the finishing touches on your storage needs

The exterior features an upgraded, fully painted fiberglass cap.  By painting the cap, the chances of fading and fogging are significantly reduced.  A large power awning with built in LED lights provides a significant amount of light under your awning for night time activities.  The pull out kitchen with a burner top and sink round out your outside entertainment solutions.

The Denali 280LBS continues to bring unique floorplans, upgraded features, and superior construction at an aggressive price point.   

To learn more about the 280LBS visit, www.dutchmen.com.

Fleetwood RV Unveils ’16 Bounder to Rallygoers

2016 Bounder motorhome
2016 Bounder motorhome
Fleetwood RV will have the first national showing starting today (June 11) through the weekend of the redesigned gas-powered 2016 Bounder motorhome during the company’s national rally at its factory in Decatur, Ind.
The owners of some 400 Fleetwood motorhomes are expected to attend and see a full array of Fleetwood and American Coach motorhomes.
”This is the first time we’ve had our national rally in Decatur,” Steve Hileman, director of product and marketing, told RVBUSINESS.com. ”Customers can effectively see every Fleetwood floorplan, every model.”
Hillman reported the rally includes after work-hours tours of Fleetwood’s factory, noting, “They can get in all the nooks and crannies and see every part of the plant.”
A number of suppliers, including Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC), will be on hand and Fleetwood will offer a variety of seminars that will include driving instruction and a confidence course.
”A local hospital is a sponsor and will be providing staff to do health and wellness seminars,” Hileman said.
Bounder motorhome interior
Bounder motorhome interior
As for the Bounder, after three decades in production rallygoers will see what’s pretty much an almost all-new coach. ”Bounder is celebrating its 30th anniversary and it’s been substantially revised with lots of new features,” Hileman said.
Available in five 33- to 37-foot floorplans on a 22,0000-pound GVWR Ford chassis, external storage has been increased between 35% and 50%, depending on floorplan. ”There’s a lot more pass-through storage,” Hileman said.
With new front and rear caps and a new dash with dual monitors, Bounder also has been equipped for the first time with a multiplex electrical control system. ”Bounder always has been about simplicity and value,” Hileman said. ”A simple multiplex system was a natural fit.

This article originally appeared on RVBusiness.com.

‘Cadillac of Motorhomes’ is Up for Sale on eBay

It’s a common phrase – “such and such is the Cadillac of (blank).” Bicycles, refrigerators, toaster ovens, minivans – you name it, the comparison has been made.
This, too, is worthy of such a comparison, not because it’s the ‘standard of the world’ or of incredible luxury. Rather, it simply is a Cadillac that is now a motorhome. At first glance it’s a bit odd, but dig deeper and there’s something quite homey about it. Capable of sleeping five, this unique Caddy camper is up for grabs on eBay.
According to the listing, this ’68 Cadillac went under the knife at Superior Coach Co. and emerged with a frankly well equipped living space at the rear. Step inside the Cadillac and you’ll find a sleeping loft, three-range stop top, sink, two kitchen counter tops, TV, refrigerator, bathroom and furnace. But the coolest feature has to be the quick access cockpit cut-out space, allowing occupants to zip from motorhome to passenger seat in a flash.
The custom treatment would appear to end right at the raked windscreen, and under the hood lies a massive yet familiar sight – Cadillac’s hefty 472ci V8. Drive goes to the rear wheels through a Turbo 400 automatic transmission, though speed demons likely need not apply. The camping Caddy measures 22 feet long, seven feet wide, 10 feet tall, and weighs a significant 7,440 pounds.
This article originally appeared on RVBusiness.com.