Let's Rally!

2014 was a great year full of exciting RV shows and events! RVTrader.com was pleased to be able to attend and exhibit at a long list of events this past year. These events included: Florida RV Supershow, Houston RV Show, America’s Largest RV Show, California RV Show, RV Dealers International Convention, 52nd Annual National RV Trade Show, and the Good Sam Phoenix Rally. We look forward to continuing to go to even more shows and meeting more successful RV Trader buyers and sellers in 2015!

Looking for an RV show to head to this month? Check out these awesome upcoming RV events:

Monroe, WA
April 10th-12th

Elkhart, IN
April 23rd-26th

Ft. Myers, FL
April 24th-26th

Winnebago Brave / Tribute Named RV of the Year

The retro-looking, thoroughly modern Winnebago Brave (along with its sister, the Tribute) has been named RV of the Year by RV Business magazine.

Though the days of Flower Power have long passed, Winnebago decided to revive its classic 1960’s RV with features that incorporate the technologies of today.

The new Brave breathes new life into the celebrated design. Beyond its stylish appearance, the Brave is loaded with versatile floor plans — ideal for weekend getaways or extended trips. The Brave features a state-of-the-art sliding dash rearview monitor with Rand McNally RV GPS and a powered patio awning as well as the StudioLoft bedding system for added sleeping space.

“Speaking for RV Business,” said Editor Bruce Hampson, “we felt it was important to recognize authentically original thinking on this kind of a scale because Winnebago has boldly stepped into a place in terms of marketing and product design that no motorhome manufacturer has gone before. The Brave/Tribute is a highly appealing and marketable new coach.”

Find out more about the Brave here.

Great News for RVers: AAA Sees Gas Prices Falling for Summer Travel

Lower gas prices may be on the way for U.S. consumers by this summer if refinery maintenance ends smoothly and crude oil remains relatively cheap, AAA said in a news release.
As reported by the St. Augustine Record, the travel company’s release said it is even possible that gas prices will return to near $2 per gallon in some areas, as long as there are no unexpected problems in the meantime. AAA does not expect the national average to rise above $3 per gallon this year.
“There is a real hope that gas prices could drop significantly in time for the busy summer driving season,” said Mark Jenkins, AAA spokesman. “The overall outlook looks good for drivers, and with any luck we will avoid the types of problems that often lead to higher gas prices at this time of year.”
Many refineries have completed seasonal maintenance, though unexpected problems could still occur. Many refineries and wholesalers will switch to more expensive summer-blend gasoline by May 1 to meet EPA clean air regulations.
The cost of crude oil is likely to be the most important factor influencing gas prices over the next few months. At the close of Friday’s formal trading, WTI settled at $49.55 per barrel — 68 cents higher than the week before. Many experts believe that crude oil prices may drop further due to abundant supplies, but international conflict, declining production or other issues could result in higher prices.

This article originally appeared on RVBusiness.com

Don't Miss Out On Mobile

Heidi Cohen, author of Actionable Marketing Guide, has put together a great guide to help us all embrace the new mobile generation. Her article, "55 US Mobile Facts Every Marketer Needs for 2015," will help you see this as the year your inventory goes past just being digital. It’s time to make it mobile!

From Cohen’s article, it’s clear to see that mobile is here to stay. It's time to unchain yourself from the desktop and start getting all of those mobile leads that you’ve been missing out on!
Here are a few exciting statistics that show how mobile advertising is taking over in 2015:  
  • $28.48 billion will be added to US mobile advertising budgets in 2015
  • 146 million consumers shopped on mobile devices in 2014
  • 81% of buyers research products on their mobile devices before purchasing
  • 40% of visits to RVTrader.com are on mobile devices

Go mobile and get ready to watch the leads roll in. Call 877-354-4068 or contact your RVTrader.com rep to start taking advantage of mobile advertising today.

To view the rest of the mobile facts from Cohen’s article, visit http://heidicohen.com/2015-mobile-marketing.

Champion to Produce Winnebago Park Models

Champion Home Builders Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with Winnebago Industries Inc. for a line of park model RVs. The license agreement between Winnebago and Champion was brokered by Winnebago’s exclusive North American licensing agent, Brandgenuity.
“We are very excited about this unique licensing opportunity and see the park model RV business as a natural extension of our Winnebago brand,” said Chad Reece, director of marketing at Winnebago. “Based on their history of innovative, quality products and customer satisfaction, we feel that Champion Home Builders is a great choice to carry the Winnebago name into the park model RV space.”
WinnebagoIND_red-TM-300x43Champion Home Builders will be introducing the first Winnebago branded park model line this April at Winnebago’s Dealer Days in Las Vegas. Each park model will be custom designed and authentic to the Winnebago brand, with features and designs that maximize space and storage and that are manufactured with high quality craftsmanship. The line will be sold at Winnebago dealers as well as Park Model RV dealerships in the United States and Canada.
“We are honored and excited to be working with one of the most iconic Made-in-America brands,” said Dick Grymonprez, director of park model sales at Champion Home Builders. “Champion’s Winnebago branded products will provide our customers with the quality and affordable design choices they want when creating their dream vacation home.”

This article originally appeared on RVBusiness.com

Move Over S’mores, We’ve Got the Wolf'em Stick!

Have you heard about the Wolf’em Stick?  It’s a great new camping product that we think you will love.  This awesome little contraption lets you bake refrigerated biscuit dough (or any other dough) into a biscuit cup that you can fill with all of the delicious toppings that you can think of! It’s a fun way to spend time with friends and family around the campfire and it’s a great change-up from the typical toasted marshmallows and S’mores. There’s zero preparation, plus they’re easy to use and clean up—a real benefit when camping or picnicking.

Making a Wolf’em is super easy—instead of having a cooking fork, the Wolf’em Stick has a wooden cylindrical cooking head.  You spray the cooking head with non-stick cooking spray, wrap biscuit dough around it, and put it over the campfire. Turn the stick with its convenient rotary handle and you’ll soon have it baked to golden brown perfection.  Remove the baked biscuit cup from the stick and fill it with something yummy.  The results are so tasty you will just want to wolf‘em down—hence the name!

Here are a few of our favorite recipe ideas that work great with this new cooking tool:

  • Pie filling: Canned cherry or apple pie filling topped with canned whipped cream.
  • Pudding: Snack-size chocolate or vanilla pudding topped with canned whipped cream.
  • Fresh fruit: Sliced strawberries, bananas, raspberries, or peaches with a little yogurt or whipped cream.
  • Breakfast: Bacon or sausage with scrambled eggs.
  • Tacos: Taco meat, grated cheese, lettuce, salsa and sour cream.
  • Hearty trail favorites: Chili, beef stew, or rice and gravy.
  • Spreads: Coat the inside with peanut butter and jelly, honey, or a chocolate-hazelnut spread.

You can even go gourmet by combining vanilla or chocolate pudding with cherry or apple pie filling. You’re only limited by your imagination! 

Making Wolf’ems is a fun way to spend time around a fire. The treats are yummy, but the time you’ll spend with your friends and family is even better.  The next time you head out in your RV, make sure you take a Wolf’em stick with you!

This article was provided by www.wolfem.com.

Finding the Right Trailer Tire

Image provided by BigBrandTire.com.
When it comes to traveling with your trailer or mobile home, safety should be your top priority. Since the tire is the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road, it greatly affects steering and handling, and therefore your safety. Your driving experience will be completely different if you choose the wrong tires for your vehicle. Read on to find expert information on choosing the right tires for your trailer.

Trailers vs. RVs

Trailers are vehicles that are towed behind an SUV or truck, whereas an RV is self-powered. Steering capability is the main difference between the two. Trailers require special trailer (ST) tires while RVs often utilize light truck (LT) tires.

ST vs. LT

While there are many differences between ST and LT tires, it’s important to know how they are different so you’re able to choose the best option for your trailer. Special Trailer (ST) tires have a three to five-year lifespan and are made specifically for hauling heavy vehicles like trailers. Meant for speeds less than 65 mph, ST tires have stronger sidewalls to reduce the risk of rollover. ST tires have some of the highest load ratings based on inflation pressure, meaning their specific design is meant to haul heavy items with the lowest risk of giving out. Since ST tires also employ stronger sidewall technology, they are great for hauling trailers around corners and when turning. These specifications make ST tires a solid choice for your trailer. Light truck (LT) tires can also be used for vans, SUVs and trucks, and therefore are made with more general specifications.

Weighing your Vehicle

Before you even start looking at tires, you must first determine the weight of your vehicle. Don’t just weigh your trailer by itself; remember that you will be traveling with personal items inside. The tire’s capacity should be able to safely haul your trailer and anything inside.

Terrain and Climate

Another important consideration to take into account is the terrain and climate where you will be hauling the trailer most of the time. If you travel in a snowy, mountainous terrain, the type of tire you put on your trailer will be different than if you’re mostly driving through a hot, desert area.


After you’ve determined whether you need ST or LT tires, choosing the correct measurement is the next step toward getting your trailer on the road.


Section width is the distance from the widest part of the tire’s inner wall to its outer wall. This is where the tire’s treads are, and is the first number in the model number for a tire. For example, model number ST175/80-R13 would have a section width of 175 millimeters.

Aspect Ratio

The measurement of the sidewall is also known as section height. This is the length of the tire from the wheel to the tallest part of the tire. Aspect ratio is the second number in a tire’s model number. For example, model number ST175/80-R13 would tell you that the aspect ratio is 80% of the section width of 175 millimiters, or 140 millimeters.

Internal Construction

How a tire is made can affect its hauling capabilities. The letter after the aspect ratio in a tire’s model number indicates its internal construction.
  • R: Stands for radial construction, meaning the tire's body plies branch out from the imaginary center of the wheel.
  •  D: Stands for diagonal or bias ply construction, meaning the tire's body plies crisscross.
  •  B: Stands for belted construction, meaning the tire's body plies crisscross as bias ply does and then are reinforced with belts.

Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter is the measurement of the diameter of the wheel. In our example tire model number ST175/80-R13, the 13 measurement indicates that the wheel is 13 inches across.
For more in-depth information on how to measure tires please refer to this excellent tire measurement guide.

Safety Tips

You’re nearly ready to go! Once you have chosen the right tire and correct measurement for your trailer, there are some safety concerns for you to be aware of. Make sure to check the tire’s inflation to ensure its pressure is properly aligned for it maximum hauling capacity. The most common cause for tire failure is the tire not being fully inflated. Set yourself up for success by ensuring the pressure is correct.
Always keep a spare tire when traveling and keep the cap on the valve stem to prevent contamination. If you see cracks or bulging on the tires, it may indicate a weakness and should be replaced. It’s a good idea to replace the tire every three to five years, regardless of how much use they've seen. Tires are considered baled when the tread is 2/32 of an inch deep or less. A crack of this size would also indicate a need to be replaced. Remember that tire pressure changes with temperature, so if you’re traveling at a time of year with major weather changes, check the pressure periodically to ensure you’re always ready for the road. 
For more information, please refer to this tire maintenance guide which includes more detail on how to check tire pressure.

Maintenance & Storage

To ensure the longest life of your trailer’s tires, proper maintenance and storage will make all the difference. When washing the tires, use a mild soap and water. Avoid certain tire care products containing alcohol or petroleum distillates, as they can contribute to tire deterioration. Inspect the tires regularly for bulges, cracks or punctures. Store the tires with minimal weight on them to reduce air pressure, and keep them in a cool, dry place. If you’re storing them for an extended period of time, tire covers are a good way to protect them from the sun and other elements. Make sure you know your tire’s warranty requirements should you need to replace them or have an issue.

This article was provided by BigBrandTire.com.

EverGreen Zooms into Motorized Market with Imperial Class B Motorhome

After successfully making a name in the towable RV segment, EverGreen Recreational Vehicles is taking on the Class B Motorhome market. The new Imperial is a unique concept with the look and automotive luxury of an executive limousine. EverGreen’s entrance into the motorized segment has been well received and continues to grow.

EverGreen’s innovative approach to the class B resulted in a motorhome 10-inches wider than average class B vans, but still fits in a standard parking spot. This gives the Imperial more versatility to transition effortlessly from tailgate parties to touring to overnight stays. Choose from two unique Imperial models, each with a walk-through center aisle layout.

Both the 245WS and 245TS have a fully equipped galley kitchen with Corian® countertops, refrigerator and microwave for easy food preparation. In the living area the seats are made of soft touch leather vinyl to be stain and water resistant, yet also soft and comfortable. When it’s time to rest, the couch converts to sleep two adults.

The Imperial is designed for tailgate entertaining. Two flat panel HD television/monitors, one in the front and one in the rear, are available along with easy connections for laptop computers. The rear television rotates and doubles as an outside tailgate feature with rear stereo speakers. Tables fold out for comfort and fold away when not in use. The dash-mounted DVD, navigation and back up camera are convenient whether traveling or parked.

Built on the award winning Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, Imperial is powered by the V-6 Mercedes Benz 3.0-liter common-rail direct injection (CRD) turbo diesel engine. This power train provides powerful, smooth, clean and quiet performance with the added benefit of exceptional fuel economy—up to 24 MPG on the highway.

For more information: www.GoEverGreenRV.com
EverGreen Recreational Vehicles, LLC 10758 County Road 2, Middlebury, IN 46540 
Phone: 574-848-7621 Fax: 574-848-7626